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Mar 13 2017

Real Life Mondays- Weekend Challenge, Planners and More

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It was a really fun and fast-paced show this morning, so here is a quick little rundown for all of you who missed it or wanted any of the links we mentioned-

1. We all agree the Man in the High Castle is super intense and so, so good (thought provoking in so many ways!) and you all need to watch it so I have people to discuss it with!  (I mean, seriously, could you all do me that favor?  Because I really need to discuss!)


2. Obviously, I can rarely get through a show these days without mentioning the book How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind!  If you have ever struggled with homemaking, particularly if you are an ENFP, this is the book for you!

3. Speaking of being an ENFP, my Myers Briggs Guru, Mystie Winckler, will be on the podcast next week and she is coming out with a brand new resource for moms all about discovering your type and utilizing it well.  I couldn’t be more excited about this new resource, but if you want to start looking into everything Myers Briggs related RIGHT NOW (or is that just my ENFP showing?) go to Mystie’s Blog right here to read some of her best posts on discovering and using your personality type.

4. Our Weekend Challenge this past weekend was to use timers to get things done!  So what did you get accomplished?  You can go to the end of Friday’s Periscope show to hear more of the details about this challenge.


My Planner Spread this week!

5. We chatted about planners for a bit and I mentioned what are my favorite planner goodies for Newbies!  Basically, if you head to, Michaels or Hobby Lobby and pick up some washi tape and some Happy Planner sticker value packs, you will be well on your way to planner fun and pretty-planning satisfaction!

6. If any of you are needing a pick me up or a reset with the flow of your days, it can be really helpful sometimes to sit down and sketch out a routine of what everyone in your house is supposed to be doing and when.  It doesn’t mean it will be perfect, but it sure is helpful to make these kinds of decisions when you aren’t in the moment. You can watch the episode to get more of the details on this one.

7. Our Heart in Hand Scripture Writing Challenge will be continuing in April with 1 John.  This challenge will coincide with the upcoming release of Kari Denker’s new Journal and Doodle Bible Studied from which should be released in just a few days!  I’ll keep you posted because she has an exclusive coupon code for us!!  Yay!

Last but not least…

Here’s what’s coming up this week-

  • Faith Tuesday- Speaking Truth in Love (Being Bold & Gracious 😉
  • Homeschool Wednesday- Dealing with Nay-Sayers
  • Homemaking Thursday- Chores for Kids
  • Crunchy Friday- Supplements we have decided to use with our 2 year old
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