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Mar 14 2017

Faith Tuesday- Speaking Truth in Love- aka Being Bold & Gracious

Today on Periscope we had a long talk about truth! It was actually fun because you guys know that I’m talking about being bold and gracious all the time, and that is essentially what speaking the truth in love is!  In how we deal with people it all boils down to this- I am speaking truth to you because I love you and will do so graciously.

So here are the highlights of what we chatted about on how to be bold and gracious:

  • First and foremost you need to know the Bible and God’s truth so others can not lead you astray and so you know the truth to be able to speak it.
  • I talked about being more blunt when I was younger, yet how I learned as I grew that I could be more impactful by being gracious when speaking the truth.  I could live by obvious, bold convictions but instead of pushing them down peoples throats, I could be gracious in a way that is more inviting for people to ask me questions about my beliefs.
  • Be strong in your opinions and convictions but do so peacefully. Do not engage in arguments especially on social media.
  • It is good to engage in discussions with those you know you can have a mature conversation with. As long as the relationship is built first.
  • We want others to be comfortable talking to us so we can speak truth into their lives when needed which, is why relationship and graciousness are important.
  • We need to be discerning about those we allow into our lives. We need to surround ourselves with those who are actually living a Christian life not just saying they are. Even demons believe Jesus is who He says He is.
  • We even talked about how a little bit of guilt to do the right thing can take a family a long way!

Some thoughts on real Christianity-

  • If those who are claiming to be Christians are not actually living by truth we need to call them out because the world needs to know this is not Christian and what they are representing is not truth.
  • There are many Christian leaders who are falling and influencing new Christians who do not know their Bibles yet or long-time Christians who have not learned their Bibles and become mature.
  • When the Lord told us to not take His name in vain He meant more than swearing. We are not to claim the name of “Christian” if the way we are living goes against His truth.
  • According to the Bible we are to show boldness and strength and always be steadfast and growing NOT WISHY WASHY!!!!!!
So be sure to check out all that and more on today’s Periscope show!
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