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Sep 30 2013

So Much is Happening with Bold Turquoise!!

There is just so. darn. much. happening Bold Turquoise right now that I wanted to do a bit of an overview post to bring you all up to speed and make sure you don't miss anything!

Bellies, Birth and Babies!

If you follow me on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest (or you've made note of any changes to the menus and sidebars on the blog here!) then you have probably noticed that I have a big event starting tomorrow and running through the entire month of October! It's called 31 Days of Bellies, Birth and Babies From a Doula's Perspective and will include blog posts, vlog posts, printables, giveaways and a daily “Ask the Doula” segment on my Facebook page!

Ask the Doula button

It is going to be an awesome time of building community and learning a ton, so I hope you all join me and tell your friends! I really want to hear from you guys, so send me your questions and ideas so we can make this the most amazing month about pregnancy, birth, babies, breastfeeding and postpartum recovery possible!!

Bellies, Birth and Babies Pinterest Board

Here is the link to the main page for the event where you can find all the details and daily updates on the latest posts. And of course, you can always just subscribe and follow my social media platforms to stay on top of things as well! (Notice my cute new subscriber buttons over there in the sidebar! —–> )

Meal Planning

I have been getting lots of emails from people wondering when my new free printable meal planner is slated to release for 2014. Well, my exciting news is that it is in the works and not only will I be releasing it sometime in late November, but I will also be releasing the long awaited Bold Meal Planning ebook as well!! I'm really excited about this project and looking forward to sharing it with all of you very soon!

I'm Contributing!!

I'm now contributing on two sites that just launched with contributor teams (in other words, the sites are not new but them having contributors is!). I am so thrilled to be a part of each one and blessed to be writing alongside so many wonderful ladies!

One Fun Mom Contributor

At One Fun Mom I will be doing a monthly column on nurturing female friendships…

WriterButton…and at The Busy Mom I will primarily be writing about fashion, beauty and decorating for real moms! All of these are topics that I love but don't always have room or time to cover on Bold Turquoise, so I am excited for the opportunity to share on both of these platforms!

I am also a contributing author of a brand new ebook on Essential Oils that will be released in November, so be on the lookout for more on that too! I wrote the chapter on postpartum recovery, breastfeeding and newborn care and from what I've seen the entire book is jam-packed with awesomeness! When I know more you'll be the first to hear!

We're Still Homeschooling!

We are heading into week 8 of homeschooling today and I can assure you it is still very much a part of our lives and this blog! While most of October will be devoted to all things birth and bellies, I will still have a few posts about homeschooling going live, including a really fun vlog post about how we are currently using Grapevine Studies! So, if you aren't currently in the baby stage, don't worry, there will still be a few things for you!

That's A Lot= Pray Please!

So, yeah! That is a lot of stuff I have going on right now, besides, ya know, actually being a mom and trying to keep my house from diving into utter chaos! With that in mind, your genuine prayers for my sanity, motivation and superhuman ability to get all of this done 😉 would be greatly appreciated!

Thank YOU!

As always, thank you all so much for being the amazing and faithful readers that you are! I am so constantly blessed and encouraged by you guys and am truly grateful for each and every one of you!

Now, let's have a rockin' October!

Love- The Bold Mama


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