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Jul 8 2014

Sometimes you have to drop off the planet….

Sometimes you have to drop off the planet when you are a blogger just to get a grip on life

I think that especially as a blogger, someone constantly in the social media eye, every once and a while you have to drop off the planet, or at least mostly from your blogging pursuits, just to get a handle on life again.  This can be just because you need a break or because life has just become so intense that you need a little room to breathe before you go spewing words at other people.

That was May and June for me.  A period of absolute intensity and upheaval where blogging and social media made a narrow escape to the back burner (much better there then being exiled to the far recesses of the universe, which did occasionally cross my mind!).

The Timeline

Just to give you a better idea of what I am talking about, let me give you a little timeline-

Saturday, May 3– Guess what?  I’m pregnant with baby #4! (our first surprise baby!)

Wednesday, May 7– Took Roman in for an eye exam and found out something wasn’t quite right with his right eye.

Thursday, May 8– Took Roman to a pediatric eye specialist and found out the problem is much bigger than we imagined and we would need to travel out of state for further testing to see if the problem with his retina could be repaired through surgery.

The rest of May was filled with worry, guilt over not figuring this all out sooner, business of finishing the year at co-op and w.a.i.t.i.n.g. for the out of state specialists to book our appointment so that we could begin planning the rest of our summer.

June 4- The specialists finally contact us and tell us that we can either get an appointment on June 9th (a mere few days away) or the 22nd.  We choose the 22nd.

June 4- I begin having some light bleeding that is light but none the less concerning.

June 5- 9 weeks pregnant (the same point at which I began bleeding with the baby I miscarried 6 1/2 years ago)

June 6- Talk to my midwife and am instructed to take it easy and resume using progesterone oil.  Bleeding stops soon after but my heart is still not at ease.

A couple weeks of curriculum fairs, summer preparations (which were hard to make because we still didn’t know if we would need to be heading out of state a 2nd time for surgery on Roman’s eye if it was possible), and waiting to see if The Bold Husband would be able to take enough time off of work for us to head to the Oregon coast after the appointment with the Retina specialist.

June 21- Leave for Portland

June 22- Find out there is nothing that can be done for Roman’s eye.  He has a Combined Hammartoma of the Retina that is congenital and has been there since the womb.  Unless technology improves dramatically in the next 10-15 years he will never have central vision in his right eye. He is just happy not to have surgery, The Bold Husband and I try to handle our disappointment with smiles on our faces.  We decide to head to the coast despite my husband’s work because the job he was on wasn’t panning out as we had thought and it can wait.

A Trip to the Pittock Mansion with Minions!

June 23- I meet my sweet blogging friend, Kari (who you all know from The Bold Year Challenge).  She takes us to the beautiful Pittock Mansion for a couple of hours of fun and blessed my kiddos with a few of her awesome Minions, and then we head for the beach!

Long trip there (more details to come in a future post), bad evening, bad dinner, sick kids- not fun.

June 24- We wake up in our stanky hotel room and decide to not even go to the beach but just pack up and head for a different town! Cannon Beach was our new destination and it was perfect!  Everything we wanted in a little beach town… except quiet… or peacefulness… we tend to bring noise and chaos with us!

June 25- A day of beachy wonderfulness… aside from a few lovely moments with the kids, but again, I’ll save those for another post!

Not fun pic.jpg

June 26- We make the long trip home amidst many bloody murder screaming fits from an almost 2-year-old who had officially decided by this point that vehicles were EVIL! But by 10:30 we were unpacking the SUV in the midst of a torential downpour (ironically the worst weather of our trip) and finally back at home!  Awwww… home sweet home, where the cattle, horses and chickens roam!

Where am I now?

Since then, I’ve been playing catch-up!  Making much needed playdates and preparations for school that starts in less than a month (you know you’ll be hearing more about that soon!)!!  I feel like I have been reconnecting with people and trying to reconnect with real life.  I’ve been analyzing everything from our schedules to our goals to my blogging and The Bold Year Challenge (which I will be updating on VERY soon!!).


I have been reading lots, listening to fun audiobooks and thought provoking (and some not so thought provoking) podcasts, and most of all trying to just enjoy life and family.  Its been a time of soaking in and re-centering.  Spending sweet intentional time with Jesus before little feet hit the floor and it feels like the perfect debriefing from a crazy couple of months.  I have been meeting regularly with truly lovely, supportive, Christ-like women who have spurred me on to follow Jesus more closely!  I have seen God moving and let myself take the time to breathe in those moments He has allowed.  It is good and there is much healing happening in the deepest parts of my soul- places I didn’t even realize needed tending.

So I am back on the planet!  Re-inspired and, although still trying to figure somethings out, feeling ready to step back into certain spaces and be productive again- like this one!  Thank you all for being faithful readers even in the midst of the quiet.  For waiting me out and letting me return to earth.  I have some fun things planned and I am so thankful to have you ladies here to be joining me for the ride!

Happy July!!

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