Ladies- I've been through the trenches. So many trenches! 

Sometimes, I'm not sure if we ever get out of those trenches. But even so, God keeps showing me how important it is to keep cultivating loveliness, even in the midst of all that trench work. How important it is to have community, encourage each other, and take care of ourselves.

God births amazing things out of hard places. He makes flowers grow in sidewalk cracks and values beauty so, so much. My heart is to share what He has shown me in my trenches with other mamas to help them discover and create beauty in their own.

I feel that my job as a speaker is to bring both humor and honesty. I value getting down and dirty with real life topics while hopefully also making audiences laugh. Motherhood is hard- listening to a speaker shouldn't have to be!

If you have an event you need a speaker for, I would love to tailor a message specifically to your event theme or a specific Bible passage. I have also been an emcee and have extensive voiceover experience. If you would like some ideas of topics I have spoken on in the past and would be happy to speak on again, here is my current list-

  • Cultivating the lovely when life doesn't go as planned
  • Planning and Prepping your days to be a less frazzled mama
  • Out of the box planning and prepping ideas
  • The value of taking care of ourselves

Please send your speaking inquiries to

I am currently booking speaking engagements for the remainder of 2018 and all of 2019.

Some of my previous speaking engagements