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Jun 17 2015

Starting out in Cultivating the Lovely

Ok. So, we’ve discussed the meaning of Cultivating the Lovely, and we’ve talked about how we can be filling up on loveliness in order to pour loveliness out, but what does that really look like?  How does a mama with her hands full really go about that without getting swept up into the Pinterest culture and just further overwhelm herself?

Well, before we go any further, let me just say that I am meeting you in the midst of this journey, or rather you are meeting me in the midst of it.  I don’t have this thing mastered, I just know I need it! I am in the throws of trial and error, the vision meeting the practicalities of life.  It gets ugly sometimes!

Yes, working for beauty can be ugly.

working for beauty
The point, though, is that I’m committed.  I’m in this thing- this mission to cultivate the loveliness in my life and the life of my family because I desperately yearn to leave a godly legacy, to inspire my kids to greatness and holiness, to live abundantly!

So, as I share with you throughout this process, know that I am in the trenches with you and all I can do is shout, “Hey!  This is working for us!  Maybe it will for you too!” OR (and probably more likely), “Dude. Not good! This bombed, steer clear!”

Just Start… Small

I think my biggest piece of advice is to just start, but do it simply. When I set out to begin our loveliness journey not too long ago, I determined to initially work on three things-

  • Have my dishes done every night
  • Regularly have tea and read aloud time with my kids
  • Start making my planning pretty (SO much more on this to come!)

Tea and reading
Have I been 100% successful? Nope.  But have I made progress and started infusing some lovely things into our life?  Absolutely!  We’ve now had tea (or juice or lemonade) and read alouds enough times that my kids look forward to it and request that special time.  It is beginning to work its way into the fabric of our family culture and I love that- it’s what this process is all about.


Tea Time Reality

Tea Time Reality

My kitchen doesn’t always look perfect when I head upstairs at night, but by golly, I’m learning to dole out more of the after-dinner jobs and the other night my husband and boys managed to tie up the loose ends for me while I went and put the baby down for bed!  It managed to happen because I had the where-withal to to assign my boys specific jobs with clear and simple directions and my husband jumped in to help.

It was a beautiful thing!

And my pretty planning! Oh, it makes me happy just to think about it and I am so excited to share all the fun things that I have in store for all of you in this department (including why it even matters)!  When it comes right down to it, though, when my planner is pretty it causes me to use it more and I end up being more productive.  Does it look as beautiful as I dream? Not nearly! But it remains a small creative outlet for me and is a constant new chance to add small bits of loveliness to my life.

How Will You Start?

So what will you choose to start with?  What few things can you commit to start working on to make life more lovely? Join the discussion in the comments below or use the hashtag #cultivatingthelovely to join our community on Instagram.

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