Bold Turquoise

Oct 28 2013

Announcements and a Giveaway!!

Phew- this 31 days thing is intense! I'm plum exhausted and obviously have some posts to fill in from the last week (they are coming, just more slowly than I'd like!). But as we reach the point where we will be transitioning into talking more about postpartum and babies I wanted to do a little… Read more…

Oct 5 2013

31 Days of Bellies, Birth and Babies

This is the main hub for my 2013 “31 Days of… ” series. If you are here from the 10 Day hopscotch from iHomeschool Network you’re in the right place too (you just get an extra 21 days to tickle your fancy!). Here is where you can come for links to all the posts, videos… Read more…

Oct 1 2013

Day 1: Meet the Doula- my birth journey

If you're new to Bold Turquoise and here for my 31 Days of Bellies, Birth and Babies from a Doula's Perspective- WELCOME! I'm so happy to have you and hope you will do me the honor of sticking with me through the month of October as I talk all about one of my very favorite… Read more…