Bold Turquoise

Oct 28 2013

Naturally Healthy Mama Giveaway!!

This is a BIG week for giveaways! BIG ones! And I'm involved in 3! You probably saw this one earlier today, well I have the same consultation prize in the giveaway below plus a ton more stuff! Eeeee! it's giveaway madness!   This time of year, Mamas are especially busy, busy, busy with school, the… Read more…

Oct 28 2013

Announcements and a Giveaway!!

Phew- this 31 days thing is intense! I'm plum exhausted and obviously have some posts to fill in from the last week (they are coming, just more slowly than I'd like!). But as we reach the point where we will be transitioning into talking more about postpartum and babies I wanted to do a little… Read more…