Bold Turquoise

Dec 9 2015

CTLP Episode 6- Cultivating Family Culture with Allison Burr

You guys, this is an episode that digs deep, so put on your thinking caps and prepare to get inspired!  Allison and I chat about all kinds of ways that family culture and theology are not only relevant but important and personal. Once you’re done listening I would love to hear what you think and… Read more…

Nov 27 2015

Black Friday for the Green, Planner-Girl Mom!

Ladies!  It’s Black Friday!  In other words, it’s complete madness today in our country and a lot of people are buying things they don’t really need.  So, I want to give you my little list of places that I think are actually worth it and mostly more practical for real moms- especially those moms who like… Read more…

Oct 31 2015

Just Released- FREE Savor & Establish Philippians Bible Study!!

Ladies, I’m positively giddy to be releasing this Bible Study today!  It has been such a labor of love and I am so looking forward to studying it with all of you on Periscope through the month of November. (What’s that you say?  You haven’t heard of The Cultivating the Lovely Show on Periscope?  Well,… Read more…