Bold Turquoise

Jan 16 2018

CTL Episode 48–Deep Dive into Self-care with Leah Boden

Affiliate links are used in this content. This episode is brought to you by Phonics Museum from Veritas Press. Right now your child can try Phonics Museum FREE for 2 weeks. And as a listener to Cultivating the Lovely, Phonics Museum is going to give you the Phonics Museum Freebies Pack which includes: An eBook early primer reader called: The… Read more…

Nov 10 2016

CTLP Ep 22 – Living the Charlotte Mason Lifestyle with Leah Boden

Leah Boden is known for speaking on the Charlotte Mason Method, motherhood, and leadership but in addition to all that in this podcast we go a little bit more behind the scenes into what life is really like for the Bodens and what Leah reads for herself, among other things.  Meal plans, housekeeping, beautiful walks… Read more…

Jun 12 2015

On Filling Up in Order to Cultivate the Lovely in Your Life

Over the past few months I have been reading and ruminating over Sally Clarkson’s Own Your Life.  In her book she so very clearly points out that if we expect to pour lovely things out of ourselves then we must fill up on lovely things first. Now, I don’t want this to be confused with our cultural notion… Read more…