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Jul 31 2014

Back to School “Mama’s Favorite Things” Gift Basket Giveaway!

Today I am so excited to be bringing you some of my very favorite homeschooling (and life) things in a little giveaway just to wish you well in your upcoming homeschool year!!  I’ve hand picked each of these items because they are things that have either inspired me or helped me in the day-to-day as… Read more…

Oct 29 2013

Another Awesome and HUGE Giveaway!

Danielle over at More Than Four Walls just got a big site redesign and she compiled a MAJOR giveaway to celebrate! Did I mention that it's huge?! Check it out! Our homes are more than just the building we live in. A home is a growing, changing place that should be ever filled with the… Read more…

Oct 28 2013

Naturally Healthy Mama Giveaway!!

This is a BIG week for giveaways! BIG ones! And I'm involved in 3! You probably saw this one earlier today, well I have the same consultation prize in the giveaway below plus a ton more stuff! Eeeee! it's giveaway madness!   This time of year, Mamas are especially busy, busy, busy with school, the… Read more…

Oct 28 2013

Announcements and a Giveaway!!

Phew- this 31 days thing is intense! I'm plum exhausted and obviously have some posts to fill in from the last week (they are coming, just more slowly than I'd like!). But as we reach the point where we will be transitioning into talking more about postpartum and babies I wanted to do a little… Read more…

Mar 8 2012

Grapevine Resurrection Study (and giveaway)

Well, I think we’re going to have to slow down on The Resurrection Study! There is still a month until Easter and Rhythm is begging to do a week’s worth of lessons everyday (4 drawings)! What an I say? He just loves his Grapevine Studies! You’re heard me say it all before, all the reasons… Read more…

Feb 12 2012

Grapevine Timelines Winner!

 It’s a few days late but a winner none the less!  The lady who takes the cake for my Grapevine Timelines Giveaway is…. Britni From A Little Sugar ‘n Spice! Congrats!  And all of you who didn’t win this time should keep on the look out for another giveaway coming very soon!

Jan 31 2012

Bible Timelines- and a giveaway, since I know you’ll want one!

You all have heard me rave time and time again about Grapevine Studies– how they are centered completely on the Word, how they stick in my kids’ heads… how we just love them! Well Grapevine has come out with something all new- timelines! That’s right, you can work your way through the Bible timeline stick-figure-style!… Read more…

Nov 8 2011

Little Angels DVDs- Part II (with a giveaway!)

So, if you missed me talking about the Little Angels DVDs the other day and why we love them, you can hop over to this post. Today, however, I want to tell you about my interview with Roma Downey! Can I just say that I was crazy nervous?! You see, I used to do quite… Read more…