Bold Turquoise

Jul 5 2017

3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge

The 3rd Quarter #HeartinHandChallenge is here!! This summer we will be in Ruth and throughout the fall we will be in the Book of James. I am really looking forward to ruminating in both of these books during the coming months and letting their words sink in deeply.  Both books are packed full of wisdom… Read more…

Jan 3 2017

#HeartinHandChallenge- January, February AND March 2017!!

  Get your FREE bookmark HERE! That’s right, I got all crazy up in here and figured out our verses for the #HeartinHandChallenge for the entire first quarter of 2017!  Before you get too impressed, note that we are just walking through one entire book (and you can see a sneak peek of what the… Read more…

Nov 29 2016

The December #HeartinHandChallenge is Here!!!

Ladies, this last month of walking through the #heartinhandchallenge with all of you has been SUCH a blessing to me!  Especially during a month that met us with much sickness, it was such a breath of fresh air to be able to open social media and be surrounded by scripture AND all the creativity in… Read more…