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May 18 2017

CTL Ep 32 – Relationally Driven Homeschooling with Katie Duckett

This episode is sponsored by PlateJoy- The Meal Planner That Makes Healthy Eating Easy.  Go to to get 10 days FREE and enter the code LOVELY to get $10 off a membership.  Thank you, PlateJoy! Today’s guest is the lovely Katie Duckett sharing how she took her homeschooling from frustration and check boxes to… Read more…

Jun 23 2015

Our Journey to The Whole Books Method of Homeschooling

*Affiliate links are used in this post- a way for you to support my blog without it costing you anything extra. A Homeschooler with the Best Intentions… Homeschooling is such a journey, isn’t it? I knew I wanted to homeschool my kids before I was ever even married and by God’s grace ended up with a man… Read more…