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Apr 25 2018

CTLP Episode 62- The Read-Aloud Difference with Sarah MacKenzie

Affiliate links are used in this content This episode is brought to you by TULA skincare, which combines probiotics with other key ingredients to address all your skin’s needs.  For 20% off your purchase, visit and enter promo code LOVELY at checkout! Cultivating the Lovely is also sponsored by Mod Cloth, signature label clothing designed… Read more…

Apr 22 2018

CTL Special Episode with Katie Duckett

I am so excited to be announcing that we are re-opening The Lovely Homeschool Course this Wednesday, April 25, 2018! And in this episode Katie Duckett (who you might remember from last year’s episode on Relationally Driven Homechooling) and I discuss how the planning method and tools offered in The Lovely Homeschool Course truly revolutionized… Read more…

Jun 22 2017

CTL Special Episode- Let’s Plan for Lovely Homeschools This Year!

I am so excited to finally announce the release of The Lovely Homeschool Course! After months of planning and filming and editing, it’s ready, at last, to share with all of you! You can find the course at! In honor of the launch, I am kicking off a 6-day sale, from June 22-28, 2017… Read more…