Bold Turquoise

Sep 5 2015

What We’re Learning/Reading- September 2015

Ok, I promised you guys that I would give you overviews this year of what we are reading each term, so here is the installment for September!  Actually, I’ll be discussing what we are learning for our entire First Term (we call it Late Summer Term), which started at the beginning of August.  We are… Read more…

Jun 23 2015

Our Journey to The Whole Books Method of Homeschooling

*Affiliate links are used in this post- a way for you to support my blog without it costing you anything extra. A Homeschooler with the Best Intentions… Homeschooling is such a journey, isn’t it? I knew I wanted to homeschool my kids before I was ever even married and by God’s grace ended up with a man… Read more…