Bold Turquoise

Feb 25 2014

The Basics of Baking Bread

MacKenzie has asked me to take on the healthy food challenge for the month of February – and it just so happens to be one of my favourites – baking bread! I know that the idea of bread making tends to translate into fear and trembling for a lot of people. The concept of yeast… Read more…

Feb 1 2014

The Bold Year- Fitness & Weight Loss

The whole idea behind The Bold Year Challenge is adding in different challenges all year long so that we could avoid overwhelming ourselves in January- keep up the momentum all year!  So, in February we will be adding in the Fitness and Weight Loss portion of our challenge- after Valentine’s, of course, so that we… Read more…

Jan 30 2014

The Bold Book Club: January- Nourishing Traditions Part 1

Today we have Sarah back here on the blog to discuss our first Book Club Day!  Take a peek at what she has in store and join us tomorrow for the discussion! (and there are a couple of affiliate links in this post, but they don’t cost you an extra cent!) Tomorrow we “meet” on Facebook… Read more…