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Oct 9 2013

The Baby Shower Registry- What You Actually Need! (Day 9- Bellies, Birth and Babies)

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What you actually need on your baby registry!

We are going to switch gears a little bit today and discuss the infamous baby registry! It can be intimidating to walk into those big stores with your handy little scanning gun in your hand and feel like you need everything on the planet for this impossibly small person! The fact of the matter is, the littler the person the seemingly more stuff they require, but it doesn't need to be nearly as much as they tell you you need! So, here is my comprehensive list of what to get for your little bundle of joy!


These little people grow SO fast, so don't get carried away with the newborn and 0-3 months clothes! I can't tell you how many things my babes never even wore because there just wasn't time! Make sure you register for clothes sizes throughout the next 1-2 years of your baby's life- it's really nice to have things already in the drawers to pull out when they pop into that next size up, even a year from now! Just be sure to keep the seasons in mind as you register.

Newborn & 0-3 Months:

  • 5-7 Shirts- long sleeved or short, depending on season (Onesies are nice but be sure they fit of your diapers if your using cloth. Also, if you are using cloth, you may want a few shirts that are not onesies so that you have the option of using longies or shorties-wool or fleece pants or shorts- if you want)
  • 5-7 Pants or Shorts, depending on season (I'm partial to leggings for girls)
  • 3-5 One Piece Outfits, also dependent on season (a few little summer dresses are fun and super easy for girls!)
  • 1-2 Sweaters/Jackets
  • 5-8 Sleepers
  • 1-3 Hats
  • 8-12 Pairs Socks (these ones by Robeez are awesome because they don't come off easily!)


We switched to cloth diapers and wipes when Roman was 6 months old and I found out what kinds of chemicals he was sitting in 24/7 and we have never looked back! Cloth diapers simply aren't what they were back in the day- they are cute, easy and a HUGE money saver! We have literally saved THOUSANDS over the course of our three kiddos, plus so far they have all potty trained early, which has been glorious! Oh, and especially when I just had boys it was a fun way to be able to accessorize!

Cloth isn't what it used to be!  Now, it's cute and practical!  This post outlines what you actually need on your baby registry.

If you would like more info on reasons to cloth diaper, check out Real Diaper Association or ask me! I also want to mention that I have three main favorite online diaper/attachment parenting stores because between the three of them they carry pretty much everything I like. So in the following list you will find links to Kelly's Closet, Nicki's Diapers and Nurtured Family. Some things they all carry and some they don't, but if you purchase through any of these links at either store you will be helping support this blog and my family- so THANK YOU!

Anyhow, here are my recommendations, based on my favorites:

Newborn- 0-3 Months

  • 10-12 Newborn Nanipoos
  • 12 Kissaluvs Size 0
  • 6-12 Imagine Prefolds (XS and S)
  • 3-4 X-Small and Small Covers- My favorites are Thirsties, Kiwi Pie and Flip
  • 2-4 Boingos or Snappis (to secure prefolds, if you want- you can also just tri-fold them in a cover but if you do that you should get more covers as they will more easily get soiled)
  • 30 Cloth Wipes (You can use water or make your own solutions that are nourishing for baby's skin- let me know if you would like some recipes! Another note- cloth wipes work WAY better than disposable wipes! It's like night and day!)
  • 2-3 Pail Liners– (A wetbag is also essential- I mention those below in the out and about section)
  • Diaper liners for the early, meconium days
  • Diaper Sprayer– these suckers are AMAZING
Consider putting cloth diapers ion your registry.  Read the rest of this post to see what you actually need on your registry for baby.

Beyond the First 3 Months:


There really isn't a whole lot that you will need if you are nursing, but the following things can be helpful:

  • Good Nursing Pillow such as My Brest Friend
  • Nursing Pads, I recommend Lansinohor Medela (if you go with disposable)
  • Pump, if you plan to leave baby at all (but you can always hand express also)- Medela is by far the best brand. Lansinoh also has a relatively nice pump.
  • 1-3 Glass Bottles, again, if you plan to leave baby (2 of my babes refused to ever take a bottle)

Blankets and Such

Hygene and Personal Care

What to actually register for for baby
  • Baby Soap- I recommend California Baby because it doesn't have any nasty junk in it and it smells good!
  • Baby Tub– You really don't need some fancy thing with sprayers and gadgets (although I know it's tempting with your first!). A simple one like this will do the trick!
  • Baby Wash Clothes– these babies are so multipurpose I can't recommend them enough!
  • Baby Nail Clippers- I like these ones by Safety 1st because they are easy to hold onto with a squirmy baby. Some people like to buy the whole little kit, which you probably won't use everything from but at least it won't cost you an arm and a leg.
  • Nasal Aspirator- You'll use it more than you care to know and this one by Baby Comfy Nose is the easiest and most effective (shove a little tissue down in it if you're worried about sucking anything up.)
  • Temporal Thermometer– Quick, simple and noninvasive- you can't go wrong with one of these!

Where to Set them During the Day

Even the most commited attachment parenting mama needs at least a little bit of breathing room during the day, especially with the more kiddos she has! Here are some ideas of where you can set baby down during the day:

What to put on your baby registry
  • Baby Swing– A good baby swing is worth it's weight in gold! Use one and don't feel guilty if they blissfully sleep in it for a couple of hours!
  • Baby Bouncy Seat– Some people swear by them! I never had one but I've been tempted. The baby hammock I will mention in a minute gives a similar motion as the bouncer, so if I were you I would pick the swing OR the bouncer.
  • Infant Playmat– As they are starting to get mobile, rolling over and such, these things do wonders for keeping them entertained!
What you really need on your baby registry

  • Boppy– I don't so much recommend these for use with nursing because their curved shape have a tendency to put baby in an incorrect position for nursing, but they are AWESOME for laying baby on for tummy time or just to prop them up a bit.
  • Bumbo– Before you know it your babe will be able to sit up with support and that's where one of these things comes in really handy!
  • Exersaucer– especially once they become mobile, an exersaucer can help keep them contained and entertained when you really need them to be! In our house, exersaucer=shower for mom!
  • High Chair– Pretty straightforward with this one! I like being able to wheel one from my kitchen to dining room so I can easily have my babes close by.
What to put on your baby registry

Where to Have Them Sleep

We are co-sleepers (we'll talk more about this later this month) but even so, it can be nice to have another place for babe to sleep. These are my recommendations:

  • Baby hammock! We have this one by Special Delivery Baby Hammocks and LOVE it! They even have a version that fits up to a 5 year Olson it if your kiddo really takes a liking to sleeping in a hammock!
  • Co-Sleeping Bassinet– We had one but never really used it, however, if you don't feel comfortable having baby in bed with you then this is a good option for keeping them close by.
  • Bed Rail– Once they get where they can roll, we put a bed rail on our bed to make it safe. Just be sure that there is no gap between your bed and the rail and that you are following other safe bed sharing practices. Dr. Sears lays out some wonderful safe co-sleeping guidelines in The Baby Sleep Book.
  • Baby Monitor– If you want to stray from the room when your babe is snoozing (which you eventually will- I promise!) It doesn't have to be anything fancy, but at least have one!

Things You'll Need for Out and About

      • Diaper Bag– Get one that fits your style since you will be the one carrying it, not your baby!
      • Nursing Cover– I was leery of them at first but they really are handy for those times you want to make sure people don't get a peek of something you don't want them too.
      • Travel Wet Bag– Even if you don't cloth diaper these bags are essential for containing soiled clothes and blankets. Babies produce a lot of fluids- be ready for them!
      What to actually put on your baby registry
      • Awesome Carrier! I adore my Mei Tai but have also had good experiences with a Boba Wrap and Ring Sling. Many friends I have also love their Ergos. When choosing a carrier be sure to pick something comfortable for you and that keeps your baby in correct alignment. This is a great article on the importance of correct babywearing!
      • Infant Carseat– This one, again, is fairly self-explanatory. If your baby is one that dreads the car, you will grow to hate this contraption, but it is a necessary evil!
      • Bundleme– The winter months make it especially hard to keep your baby warm in the carseat since it isn't safe to have a puffy jacket on your baby underneath the straps (if the straps are not tight enough to your baby's body they could literally shoot straight out of the top of the straps in an accident). This awesome car seat blanket zips right around your baby and keeps them nice and cozy!
      • Stroller– This one is debatable and most of the time I loathe the things! They are bulky, difficult to maneuver through stores and my babies generally want to be carried anyway! However, there are those rare moments shopping or at the county fair when we need to be self-contained for hours on end and that darned wheeled contraption is rather handy for holding all the bags! Haha! So, it is at least nice to have on hand should the need arise.

Don't Forget About You!

Many people like to be able to get the mama a few things to help her out after labor too! Here are some things you can mention or register for:

      • Nipple Butter
      • Bottom Spray
      • Nursing Tea
      • Essential Oils (I'll be going into more detail about which oils you'll want to have on hand for labor, baby and postpartum recovery in future posts.)
      • Nursing Tanks
      • Comfy Pajamas- so nice for recovery!
      • Comfy Socks- see above!
      • Cute Waterbottle with a Straw- you'll be drinking more than you ever imagined very soon!

That's it!

Ok, I'm sure I've missed something, but I tried to be as comprehensive as possible! I'd love to hear what items you found to be most essential in your earliest weeks of motherhood!

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