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Jan 30 2014

The Bold Book Club: January- Nourishing Traditions Part 1

Today we have Sarah back here on the blog to discuss our first Book Club Day!  Take a peek at what she has in store and join us tomorrow for the discussion! (and there are a couple of affiliate links in this post, but they don’t cost you an extra cent!)
The Bold Year Book Club- Book 1

Tomorrow we “meet” on Facebook for our first book club day! Remember this is a relaxed book club. (Read: no stressing allowed.) 

For the last month we have been reading Nourishing Traditions.  This is a heavy cookbook. Not only does it literally weigh more than my other cookbooks, if you are reading it for the first time (maybe even the second too) it’s definitely more extreme than your standard American diet cookbook. (SAD)

When I first heard of the book I was in the process of looking into how our family could live a more healthy lifestyle, and I most certainly did not buy this book. I put it right back on the shelf. As I flipped through I couldn’t find any recipes where I knew what all the ingredients were! It was almost a full year later before I did buy it.

Now, 6 years have passed. I’ve tried many of the recipes. We regularly eat in this “style” and I have a good grasp on what all those “weird” ingredients are. It’s been a slow process for me to incorporate cultured and fermented foods into our diets. Now that my youngest is almost one, I’m able to spend more time in the kitchen these days and “grow things.”

Last weekend, I met with some friends and we had the first Kraut Club get together. Four of us gathered with our supplies and ingredients and made a giant batch of kimchi. It was a blast and I’d highly recommend fermenting with others! I learned all sorts of new things as we chatted about everything from how we make our whey to where to buy a good wooden pounder.

Discussion Questions:

Stop in tomorrow on our Facebook Page and we’ll be chatting about things like this:

  • Is this your first time reading Nourishing Traditions?
  • What parts did you find yourself reacting strongly to? Were they strong negative or positive reactions?
  • Did any light bulbs go off while reading?
  • Do you have a favorite Kitchen Tips & Hints? Or anymore that you’d add to the list?
  • Did this inspire any lifestyle eating changes for you?

I’ll get the conversation started Friday morning and then post a few more questions throughout the day, so just pop in when you get the chance and join the conversation!


What’s next?

This Friday: Nourishing Traditions Discussion Part 1

The Ministry of Motherhood by Sally Clarkson discussion on Feb. 26th

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New book to be announced next week in the Google+ Live Hangout!

Nourishing Traditions Discussion Part 3 on March 28th

(All discussion will take place on Facebook)

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