Bold Turquoise

Mar 6 2011

the BOLD homeschool

This year I plan to start incorporating more of our homeschooling life here on BOLD Turquoise.  For 2012-2013 we will be doing 1st Grade, PK3 and juggling a newborn (well, we won’t actually juggle her- that woul dbe dangerous! ;-). I plan/hope to give weekly updates on what we are doing and share any tips/printables I come up with along the way to help us stay organized and on top of things.

Our main curriculum choice for this year is My Father’s World First Grade, which we will be tying our preschool studies in with.  If you would like to read more about why we chose this curriculum then you can jump over to this post.

If you so happen to want to take a peek back on my archives, however (which, mind you, havent been updated in quite some time), please feel free to hop back on over to-