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Feb 26 2014

The Bold Year Book Club: February

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The Bold Book Club is a part of The Bold Year Challenge and focuses on books that help us work on becoming better moms and homemakers

We’re tackling two books this second and shortest month of 2014. If you’re just jumping on board with the book club portion of this challenge let me catch you up to speed. If you haven’t read with us yet, join the fun any time!

Just the facts:

  • This is an online book club. We chat briefly about the week’s reading each Friday on our Facebook group page. Then, at the end of the month, we discuss the whole book. (See the reading guide bookmarks for the details. These are posted in the Files section of our FB group.)
  • We are in the middle of reading and discussing Nourishing Traditions this month and will finish it up next month. (Feb 28th & Mar 31st)
  • February’s book is The Ministry of Motherhood. I paired this book with our month’s theme of: Building Rhythms and Traditions for our families. We’ll dive into this treasure of a book today on FB. Hope I’ll see you over there!

Discussion of February's books along with the announcement of many upcoming titles we will be reading!

Today’s Book Club Discussion: The Ministry of Motherhood

Click on over to our FB group page where we’ll share our thoughts on Clarkson’s book. This is my second time reading it and it just reminds me how much Clarkson’s words speak wisdom I need to hear. I’ve read all but one of her books and would I don’t think I could recommend them enough to fellow moms!

For further reading on motherhood: This week my youngest turns one (*sniff) and I’d say this year has been THE fastest and slowest Fallon teamed up with Sarah Mae for a fantastic book: Desperate: Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe. Like the Ministry of Motherhood, this book is the encouragement I needed while I’m “in the trenches” as they say of motherhood.

Friday’s Book Club Discussion: Nourishing Traditions part 2

This month we read three sections of our cookbook: Great Beginnings, The Main Course, and A Catalog of Vegetables. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts on these recipes and which are your favorites! Our family has our favs that we make over and over. I’m excited to try some that you’d recommend!

More book recommendations:

Really I could go on all day on reading, books, encouraging others to read, and helping you find the right book for your tastes, so I’d like to leave you with two more of my favorites.

Lit!: A Christian Guide to Reading Books by Tony Reinke
“A call for Christians to reclaim the priority, privilege, and practice of reading.” I snagged this book for my kindle last year when it was on sale, and I just read it this month. I can’t believe I waited so long to read this thought provoking book that encourages reading fiction and non-fiction from both Christian and secular authors. (It may be odd, but I enjoy reading books about books.) Have you read this one? I’d love to hear what you think of it.

Honey for a Woman’s Heart by Gladys Hunt
This has been my go-to book for my local book club for years. It’s quite possible that I’ve marked up and written on every single page. Like Reinke, Hunt encourages reading books of all genres from all types of authors. (The book Honey for a Child’s Heart is one of my favorite baby shower gifts to give. Hunt also has a Teen version but we aren’t there yet in my house.)

Are you a fellow bookworm? I’d love to hear what you’re reading these days. Find me on GoodReads and let’s keep the conversation going. (I’d love to chat board books, picture books, and early elementary read alouds too. We are in the thick of these stages in our house and I LOVE IT!)

Where we’re headed:

This is an exciting day in our book club world and I bet you didn’t even know it!! We are going to reveal the next four books we will devour in this Bold Year! Drumroll please…

March: Organized Simplicity
by Tsh Oxenreider (but you knew this one already) I paired this with March’s theme: Bold Homekeeping. This is such a well organized and laid out book for cleaning, organizing, and decluttering as we get ready for Spring cleaning. (I’m SO ready for both Spring and deep cleaning. How about you?) I’m anxiously waiting in the library-holds line for her latest release: Notes from a Blue Bike.

April: Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson. A brief heads up on this book: it is a large one. It’s probably categorized as a reference guide, a very thorough guide. If you choose to read the entire book, more power to you! (*fist bump) But the reading guide will only be highlight sections of the book as we look at the theme of The Ways of Old in April.

May: A Million Little Ways by Emily P. Freeman will be our May book with the theme of: Beautiful Spaces. Who doesn’t love the refreshing words from Freeman.

June-August: For our summer months we’ll read just one book for all three months: Educating the WholeHearted Child by Clay & Sally Clarkson. Sally Clarkson and Emily Freeman’s blogs are two I try not to miss. If you have a moment check them out: Sally @ I Take Joy and Emily @ Chatting at the Sky

Have you read any of these book yet? Leave a comment and share your thoughts if you have.

**Note from MacKenzie- Be sure to visit Sarah over at Simply Sarah for lots more book-loving fun!  And many thanks again to her for her awesome leading of this book club!

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