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Apr 25 2014

The Bold Year Challenge and Link-Up!!

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Come link up and tell us how you have been Bold so far this year!

We are almost 4 whole months into our Bold Year! Crazy, huh?! Well, we didn’t want to let all this time go by without telling you how we are doing, as leaders, and to hear from some of you! So, in this little post I will tell you what has been working for me and what hasn’t. Where I’m at and where I’m going. I will also be linking to our other leaders and at the bottom please feel free to post a link to your own post of what you have been doing with the challenge!

What Has Stuck?

Well, way back in January I planned our meals out through March. Awesome, right? Yeah, it was! I stayed on track with our plan for the most part, we ate out very little and everything was hunky dorrie!

BUT THEN April hit. I was gone for a day speaking at the local homeschool conference and my husband watched a bunch of food documentaries, henceforth deciding carbs were the devil and our entire menu needed to be overhauled!

What?!?! Not good news for this carb-addict mama!!! PLUS, I have spent the better part of the past 10 years amassing a decadent list of meals that can easily be fashioned into a bountiful menu filled with variety and penache and now I’m hearing that all that work was for nothing? NOTHING?!?!

…I may have reacted a bit over dramatically…. the jury is still out….

Anyway, once I recovered from my unplanned fast (aka- starvation, since such a large part of my diet was filled with grain in some form) and the Bold Husband realized that he didn’t really want to go full-on Paleo, but sort of a Paleo-light version, my heart palpitations began to diminish and steam ceased to vent from my ears.

Oh, and we bought this book which also helped immensely. (Did you know that you can cook a piece of meat for 16 hours in your crockpot and when you finally crack the lid open a chorus of Hallelujah will come singing out with the aroma of the succulent meat? I am now entirely convinced there will be crockpots in heaven… but since time will not exist the meat will be done instantaneously…. don’t analyze my theology, just focus on the meat!)

So, as far as meal planning goes, we are currently in a discovery period of trying new recipes and honing in our selections so that I can once again have a long list to chose from. My plans are being done from week to week until this list is better fleshed out (hey, I just cracked a Paleo joke without even trying! That meat must be working! Ha!). As soon as that list is in better from (I suspect by the end of May) I will being planning our meals en masse again. Regardless, I am still using The Bold Meal Planning System since it has all the pages I need to record our new favorite meals and plan everything out seamlessly. (And hey, did you know that right now you can get The Bold Meal Planning Deluxe Kit as a FREE gift with purchase when you buy The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle? Score! Right?!)

What I’m Still Working On

The House. Plain and simple, I am still working on anything and everything related to the house! Right now I am just trying to take a few focused minutes every day to work on at least one lingering organizational project as well as doing my best to stay on top of the day to day stuff. It’s a process! But the kids and I are working on becoming more disciplined in this area and orderliness will be one of the main character traits that we will all be striving to further develop this summer.

My Bible Study and quiet times are a work in progress. For the most part I have been able to keep up with the reading, and also mostly the keyword marking in my Bible. However, my journaling has slipped and wained. I just haven’t had as much time for it as I need and by the time I have read and marked my key words in the morning I find the pressures of the other work I need to get done in the day creeping in. I’m still working on refining my morning routine and getting into a better rhythm of waking up even earlier so that I can get more accomplished, focus on Jesus, and by present with my kids when they are awake.

Fitness. What fitness? I am just not a workout kind of gal! However, I know that if I am going to be getting pregnant again int he next year or so that I would REALLY like to have my tummy muscles tightened back up so that I can alleviate a lot of my pregnancy aches and make my postpartum recovery quicker. With that said, I am planning on using my 2 month free membership to Fit2Be (that was included with The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle that I purchased) to try to be more diligent about doing this. Fingers crossed!

Book Club. I honestly haven’t managed to read every page of every book we have gone over for book club, but I still really want to! I’m planning on catching up on the things I missed over the summer and staying up to date with the books we have coming up because they are so good! So, obviously, I have a lot to work on!

What I am most enjoying…


I am loving the artistic side of the challenge! I find that when I am participating in a hobby that inspires me it also motivates me to accomplish the mundane with more gusto. I sewed Emmerson’s Resurrection Day dress and had so much fun doing it! I liked that what I was doing artistically was still benefitting my family but was also going me a bit of a break from the ordinary life tasks I have been drudging through. I am excited to continue sewing some skirts and dresses for Emmerson and myself to wear this summer as well as making somethings for my home in the month of May.


What Are Your Other Leaders Up to?

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Your Turn!

Share what you and your family have been doing to be Bold and Gracious this year! We want to hear!!

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