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Dec 29 2013

The Bold Year Challenge- Join Me in Making 2014 Our Boldest Year for Mothering and Homemaking yet!

A challenge for being bold in our mothering, homemaking and relationships with Jesus in 2014!  Plus some fun add on challenges for natural healthy living, crafting, weight loss, reading and more!

New Years! It is one of my FAVORITE holidays- I even got married on New Years Eve! There is just something about the fresh promise of a new year that lights a spark in me. It makes me want to accomplish things, be better, try harder, live more fully! The planner in me completely takes over and I write lists for days!

This year is no different. In fact, this year is a big one for me personally. I have a big birthday coming up and I want to make sure that I head into it with a very clear idea of where I am going, what I am trying to accomplish with my family and life. You see, my heart is not to just keep on eeking by in this mothering and homemaking adventure that I'm on. While there will always be days when the “just do the next thing” mentality is all that I can muster, on the whole I want to be actively striving to be the builder of my home. I already try, but I flounder and fail and am like a lost wanderer without a map managing to do a few cool things here and there but never really getting anywhere.

This year, I'm making a map.

And this map is not for an overnight road trip, it's a map for a year-long journey to deepen my faith, focus and grow my mothering, and broaden my homemaking knowledge to a whole new level as well put it into practice. I want to become a student of this Jesus-filled, mothering, homemaking life that I have- gleaning all I can from generations of ladies who have walked before me…

and I want you to come with me!

That's right, I want us to come together in community to do bold things in 2014- all year long- and support each other in the process.

Want to see me Giggle and Gaggle About What's in Store?


So What's the Challenge All About?

The Bold Year Challenge drives right to the heart of what this blog is all about and makes it tangible- it's about Jesus, Homemaking and Mothering.

The Challenge is broken into 3 main parts-

Daily Bible Study & Scripture Memory– we are going to read through the New Testament together over the coarse of 2014 according to the 5x5x5 Reading Plan by the Discipleship Journal from Nav Press. We will also be pulling a passage from each month's reading to commit to heart (and there just may be some sweet printable posters and verse cards to go along with it!). There will be study prompts, discussion and a little inspiration into visual journaling as a means of Bible Study. It's going to be cool, and deep, and real!

Monthly Challenges– In order to keep up our momentum all year long, instead of doing everything on January 1st I have issued a homemaking or mothering challenge for every month of 2014. These monthly challenges will be broken into smaller weekly tasks and dares to live more deliberately that will be featured on the blog, in posts, webisodes, tutorials and even fun free printables! There will be guest authors, speakers (yes, you heard me right) and just loads of inspiration!

  • January– Extreme Meal Planning (with the long awaited deluxe printable set and video ecourse!)
  • February– Building Rhythms and Traditions for our families
  • March– Bold Homekeeping- Establishing a cleaning routine and sticking with it (as well as using natural products)
  • AprilThe Ways of Old- Looking at traditional homemaking tasks and hobbies to see how we can apply them today
  • May– Beautiful Spaces- Making our houses into homes
  • June– Digging in the Earth- Join me in learning how to garden for sustenance AND beauty
  • July– Living Big with Our Kids- Let's capitalize on summer!
  • August– Preparing for Back-to-School- Getting our ducks in a row for September
  • September– Harvest- Readying our lives, homes and kitchens for fall and winter
  • October– Preparing for the Holidays- Getting a grip on what needs to be done before the last minute!
  • November– Hospitality- Taking on the long lost art of graciously opening our homes
  • December– Ending Well- Savoring all we've learned and preparing for the year to come!

Community– To really get to know one another, discuss our struggles, share our victories and truly build community, all participants are welcome to join The Bold Year Private Facebook Group. Members of this group will also be the first to get the news on new free printables, webisodes, deals and more.

In addition I will be hosting monthly Google+ Live Hangouts on the First Friday of every month at 1:00pm PST with panelists, guest speakers and time to just… hang out!

(There will also be optional whole foods/natural health monthly challenge tag-alongs and some other optional challenges for those interested. More on this in the free subscriber Bold Year Challenge Intro Printable!)

What Do I Get?

You mean what's in it for you besides my weekly doses of lovable wit? Well, I'm glad you asked! George, tell them what they've won!

This Kit has everything you need to get started with The 2014 Bold Year Challenge!  ALl the details, goals sheets and binder components!  Enjoy!

This Kit has everything you need to get started with The 2014 Bold Year Challenge! ALl the details, goals sheets and binder components! Enjoy!


As a challenge participant you get support, encouragement, discounts on ebooks and products from a bunch of different places and free stuff! I have so many fun printables planned for this year from cards, to posters, to checklists to the long awaited 2014 meal planner, and you ladies will get the first crack at all of it!

In fact, I have a chic and informative little printable packet already available (today) for all you awesome ladies that includes a chalkboard-style binder cover for The Bold Year Challenge as well as all the details of what to expect from this year, check lists, and more. You can find a link to these printables at the bottom of your subscriber email update.

How do I Join?

All you have to do to join The Bold Year Challenge is become an email subscriber to this very blog! That way I can make sure to get you your free stuff and keep you up to date on everything happening here at challenge headquarters. Once you have become a subscriber you can then join in on the rest of the fun if you like-

**Note to Subscribers- You can find the link and password to the Subscriber-Only Printable Page in the bottom righthand corner of every post-update email or Newsletter you receive from me. These emails automatically go out at 4:00pm PST on days when I have posted something new on the blog. So if you don't catch it right away, you can always get it again the next time I post!**

So, that's it! I am so looking forward to doing this new bold year with all of you and can't wait to get to know you all better in 2014!

Now go, be BOLD!


22 thoughts on “The Bold Year Challenge- Join Me in Making 2014 Our Boldest Year for Mothering and Homemaking yet!

  1. angie

    YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!! WOW!!!!!!!!! EXCITING!!!!!!!!! I am REALLY looking forward to a wonderful 2014…and you are going to help make it possible! Thanks soo much! I just put my binder together…thanks for the fabulous printables!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Oh thank you! And I’m so glad you’re joining in!

      As far as the video, sometimes I feel very silly but at least it’s real!

  2. Lauren

    Girl, you are such an inspiration! This is going to be such a blessing to so many, and I’m so looking forward to going on this journey with you!!!

  3. Carrine Judy

    I am super excited about this. Just wondering how difficult it would be to make the binder covers with a white background instead of black (I hate to use that much ink!).

    Thanks! 2014 is going to be great!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Hi Carrine! I totally understand about the ink and will see if I can put together an alternative in the next week or so. Thanks for asking!

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  12. Donna Barnett

    I’m not a homeschooling Mom, but I’m a Jesus loving, Mom of 3 adults (!? What, when did that happen??), Grammy of 1, so far, needing an accountable bible study Women… am I invited on this journey? It sounds great! Not sure that my drawing will match up, but hey, I CAN draw stick people! May daughter invited me, but I wanted to be sure there’s other “Grandma’s” in the group before I barge into your younger set’s group… I’m Young at heart!
    God bless your endeavors!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Yes, Donna! Please join us! We do have a few other “seasoned” mamas in the group 😉 and would love to have you! And don’t worry about the art! It’s just a tool to help you dive into the scripture!

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  14. Tashena

    Any thoughts for beginning this month?
    Would you start with January’s challenge and just finish next April?
    I am VERY interested in this – it really seems like the perfect challenge to become better at every area of our homemaker tasks.

    Lovely work!!!!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      I’m so sorry Tashena, I thought I had replied to you! I would just jump in where we are but since the summer months are light you could fill in some of the other things we have done if you wanted to. Thanks for joining us!

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      The Bold Year was actually 2014! 🙂 Right now we are starting #theSummerofLovely on the blog though and I would love to have you join us!


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