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Aug 26 2013

The Cold Hard Truth about Our School Day Routine 2013-2014

The Cold Hard Truth about our routine

I'm sure it will shock you all to the core when I tell you that I created a very detailed, color-coded table that precisely laid out every minute of our lives in order to really get our school year started off with a bang! I was so determined to live and die by this new system that was sure to make us über productive that I actually set alarms on my phone for every. last. thing. that we needed to accomplish.

Well, day one started out about 20 minutes behind, which somehow inexplicably accelerated to being 3 hours behind by lunch! But at the end of the day we had pretty much accomplished everything that we needed to and I chalked it up to first day confusion and typical kinks of the boys just getting used to our new groove. No sweat! The next day would be awesome!

Day two we stayed closer to being on track but those darn alarms seemed to be causing my offspring and I to develop a strange tick every time they went off right in the middle of some task we were diligently marching through! No matter- onward Christian soldiers!!

Day three I do not even recall. So, there's that.

By day four of this awesome routine, when I literally had to call my grandmother whilst making dinner just to make sure someone kept me from becoming narcoleptic right in the middle of slaving over a hot stove, I began to waiver on this new plan. I say “began” to waiver because I never got to finish waivering- I believe I fell asleep mid-waiver.

Day five- Friday. I'm pretty sure we watched movies all day. And I ate chocolate. Copious amounts of it. (But hey, our curriculum is planned for 4 days a week and co-op hasn't started yet, so it's not like I just scrapped everything!)

Roman working diligently

Sooooooo, yeah. I got a little looser the next week. We worked our way through the set work mostly as planned but things laxed in the house a bit and I wasn't accomplishing as much as I had hoped. Every day I would tweak things, though, and that is pretty much how weeks 2 & 3 went- lots of tweaking.

Which brings us to week 4, and a glorious new plan! What's so fabulous about this new plan? Well, I got more real with myself and made some concessions for things that I just plain need in my day. For instance, for once in my adult life I am actually rocking the whole #hellomornings deal! But it finally started to hit me this last week that if I am going to go to all that effort to get up before the sun then why in the blazes would I remotely consider waking up Roman to do his math at 7am and cut that time short?! Good grief, woman! If I just wait until 8:00 to wake him (although he usually has woken himself up by then) and we do math later in the morning, I can get in 3 whole hours of Bible Study and online work! Seems pretty obvious, right?!

Judah working on Royal Baloo

The other faboo thing about implementing this new plan on week 4, post-demise of our original lofty structure, is that I have had a few weeks to see how our curriculum really fits into our family and our day. We have cut a few things out already and realized that we need to put more emphasis on others (I go into this more in my last webisode of Bold Turquoise On Live).

Savoring reading on the couch

Plus, something has miraculously happened over the last few weeks that I never dared to hope for in our homeschooling journey- a good deal of our learning is somehow melding into our daily life and happening organically! Beautiful and wonderful read-alouds are finally becoming woven into our habits as just another part of life instead of just during “school time.” We are needing to set aside less structured time of the day for school because our learning is becoming a living, breathing basis in our life- much of which I have to credit to our My Father's World curriculum. It is so lovely and refreshing- for all of us! I'm beginning to see the sparks of enjoyment for learning for my Roman again that have been absent for far too long, and it fills this mama's heart!

So, as I post this loose outline of our day, take it with a grain of salt and know that it will likely change. Heck, this one isn't even on a color-coded chart… yet! And mamas, of at all possible, weave your learning into your life! Take it from this mama who never thought it would happen- it can, if you let it!

5:00-8:00 Mom Time

8:00- boys up, eat breakfast & listen to the Bible (I shower while they eat)

8:30- home blessings for EVERYONE

9:00- School!

-Calendar notebook

-Set Judah up with activities then do Math with Roman

-Play word games with Roman

-Grab a snack, head into the living room and read, read, read! (They may color, draw, do playdough during this time)

Reading Includes:

-Bible, which we combine with Grapevine

-Character Studies combined with Obedience Training

-Life of Fred Math

-Assigned Science Reading (at this point Judah can do learning games on the iPad)

-Assigned History Reading

-Additional Living Books

-Primary Language Lessons

-Roman- complete Bible, history, science and language assignments while I have more set time with Judah and or Judah watches What's in the Bible or Letter Factory

12:00ish Lunch Time

Clean up lunch, mid-day pick up, switch over laundry

Art & Music

Go Play!!

2:00- Nap Time for Emme and Judah, Roman has Quiet Time with Jesus, then free journaling and then quiet play time or a show- Mama can do things around the house and computer work

4:00- Up from naps, small snack and Mama starts dinner

4:45-Afternoon quick pick-up for boys!

5:30ish- Dinner followed by family devotions

6:30ish- Family dinner clean up

7:45- start getting kids ready for bed, read with them

8:15 or 8:30- lights out

So, we'll see how this new plan goes! I'm really trying to keep myself on track as much as I really need to (not letting work overlap into school time, etc…) but also allow us to settle into enjoying our learning as a natural part of our life. Also, be sure to tune in later this week for our webisode that will actually show you a day in the life of our homeschool!

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6 thoughts on “The Cold Hard Truth about Our School Day Routine 2013-2014

  1. Holly Giles

    Funny how that happens isn’t it!! Thanks for being real with your schedule and joining the ranks of those of us who just wing it sometimes and end up alright! Thank you, Holly

  2. Carrie

    Are you still waking up with Emme? If so, how do you wake up at 5am!? Would love to wake up early but the kiddos sense that I’m out of bed and they want to get up too which just starts my day off way too early. Plus, if I can’t get a nap in, I’m exhausted the rest of the day. How do you keep your energy up?

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Emme generally doesn’t wake up until between 8:00 & 9:00. Occasionally I still have to go up and nurse her at some point after 5:00, but she goes right back to sleep and stays out. I have mastered the art of slithering out of bed! Plus our room is pretty well removed from the rest of the house which helps tremendously with noise! She really can’t hear me downstairs, so I’m able to just do my thing!

  3. Becca

    Hahahahaha – I LOVE day 5. 😉 I sure hope our first week goes well…but I am not holding my breath. I am pretty sure my colorful schedule will not hold either. lol


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