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Oct 18 2014

The first 18ish Days of October Instablogging- Recap

Join this mama as she instablogs through October on faith, motherhood, homeschooling, homemaking and being a woman.

Well, ladies, since I know not all of you are on Instagram or follow me there, I thought I would give you a little catch-up on what’s been going on with my 31 Days of Instablogging Challenge!  It hasn’t been prefect, by far, but I have tried to make the things that I have posted meaningful.  Honestly, our days have been so busy that the hardest part has been getting the pictures.  We get so caught up in our day and I just forget to whip out the camera.  Whoops!  But, here it is anyway- I’d love to hear you weigh in on any of these posts!

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Day 1:

Instablogging Day 1

Here it is, 6:00PST and my #31daysofinstablogging post is just coming at ya’ for the day! But ya know what? That’s a lot what this challenge is about, right? The reality of life- the reality that it was more important for me to focus my full attention on these little people after a long harried day of their pregnant mama just not feeling awesome. To listen to them tell me whatever they wanted and help them create a simple project.

Our day wasn’t filled with amazing homeschooling, but hey, we did everything we needed to. And I will now go make them a VERY simple dinner, but again, it will be homemade and we will all sit around the table together. Mothering and homemaking doesn’t have to be fancy and extravagant to be impactful and nurturing- if I’m learning anything right now, it’s that. Simple can be wonderful if it is intentional. Are you living with simple intention right now ladies? Won’t you share about what you’re learning? #mothering #simpleintention

Day 2:

Insta Day 2

#31daysofinstablogging Day 2 (a day late)- yes, this is a video review I posted about Equine Science, but it’s also a reminder to homeschoolers that WE are in charge of what and how we teach our kids. If what you are doing isn’t working, think about restructuring to make it work- it may not be a bad curriculum but rather just have the need to be reworked for YOUR family. See the video on my blog or on my YouTube channel. #homeschooling #homeschool #youreincharge

Day 3:

Insta Day 3

#31daysofinstablogging Day 3- The Reset Button. There are those hurried, busy days (even normal ones, for that matter) that get started on the wrong foot. One person’s bad attitude, even a small person’s, can be a cancer to the whole family and the frustration and annoyance quickly take over. On days such as this, I have to remind myself that no matter my time restraints it will cost me less time and less damaged hearts in the long run if I take the time to press the Reset Button.

For me this looks like pulling myself away from everyone for even a few minutes (the bathroom is a great spot) to calm and reset myself first. Next involves gathering everyone together to announce a Reset. It’s a time to make apologies (they don’t have to be long or grand), ask for forgiveness and pray for God’s help to make a better course for our day. I then like to top it off with some mood-changing essential oils, such as Frankinsence and Joy, remind all of us that these oils are gifts and tools from God. We can then face the rest of the day fresh-faced and covered in grace. I find that we are typically closer as a family for the rest of the day then we even would have normally been- our hearts long to be reconciled and drawn together. It is worth the time and effort. What do you do to reset, mamas? #motherhood #harddaysmadebetter

Day 4:

Insta Day 4

#31daysofinstablogging Day 4- today I had the pleasure of being one of three pregnant ladies at the most beautiful, God-centered shower I have ever attended. @katertot55 (in the middle) is one of the sweetest, loveliest, good-natured people I know and she deserved every bit of it, AND she is the inspiration for this post.

You see, I made the gift that I gave her for her sweet baby girl (her first after three boys!) but the reason I put so much time and energy into it was because I was following her lead. Many years ago when Katie brought me a meal after an illness or birth, I can’t even remember which, I opened the salad to find that she had cut each carrot slice into the shape of a heart, one by one. When I told her how amazing and sweet that was she told me that she did it so that she could take the time to pray for us!! I was so stunned by her loving heart- seeing how she put hands, feet and prayers to being there for us.

And so, I felt it only right to take this opportunity to return the favor, rejoicing in the baby girl with her and praying over her. It wasn’t about what I made, but the making gave me the time to focus on their beautiful family before the Lord. So, today that is what I want to encourage all of you ladies in. If you’re given the chance and you have the ability, then learn from my sweet friend and give more than a tangible gift- give the gift of prayer. Invest in your friend’s families! It will last much longer than a onesie or a meal. #blessedbyfriendship #babyshower

Day 5:

Insta day 5

#31daysofinstablogging Day 5- this week my goal is to live with intention. I am determined! And a lot of that comes down to planning. So after I’ve made sure that the house is in an acceptable state to start a Monday morning, I am sitting down to map out what needs to be done and what I’d like to get done this week. Home-wise, blog-wise and, most importantly, kid-wise. What do I want to teach each of them individually this week? How will I impact their hearts? How will we work towards the vision we have set out for our family?

How are you planning for the week ahead? Are you preparing to be intentional? If so, how? #intentionalmothering #motherhood #homemaking #haveaplan

Day 6:

Insta day 6

Today for #31daysofinstablogging I want to encourage you all to head over to @intentionalhome and her post from today. It’s all about being intentional with our social media choices and not letting them take from our real lives. Good stuff! #intentionalmothering #keepingsocialmediaincheck

Day 13:

Insta day 13

#31daysofinstablogging Day 13- (just disregard all those lost days last week. Life happens and I’ve decided to #letitgo!) But on to today! This week I plan to make a few posts about homeschooling. To say that this year has been a wonderful change up from the last 3 is an understatement and I think it boils down to a couple of things-

1. Simplifying!!! We are doing SO much less but being so much more thorough! We are taking our time and not caring about things that really don’t matter.

2. We are enjoying learning and truly embracing what it means to be #homeschoolers. We have focused on faith, family and true interests for all our kids and it has brought us all closer!

3. We have met our kids where they’re at. Building mastery and self confidence in them before moving on is making them love learning and in turn driving them to WANT to learn more.

Of course we have our rough days, like any homeschool family, but all in all I feel so blessed by the last 10 weeks! How is this homeschool year going for all of you? What have you changed? Is it working? #homeschool #lovelearning #simplify #focusonfaith

Day 14:

Insta 15

#31daysofinstablogging Day 14- another little homeschooling post for you today! While we’ve had many wonderful years at our homeschool co-op, this year we made the decision to add more margin to our lives and not participate. This margin has allowed us to embrace life, stress less and take advantage of other opportunities as they have arisen. It can be a scary decision to “go out on your own” (even though we were already independent) but it has given us such freedom and peace! I thank the Lord for allowing us to be so wrapped in His grace and flow this year. #homeschool #blessed #followingHislead #margin

Day 15:


#31daysofinstablogging Day 15- Another homeschool post! Do you have a homeschool mission statement? I have found that having one has really helped clarify our homeschooling method and curriculum choices. It is bound to change over time but knowing why you’re doing what you’re doing and how you plan to do it can make all the difference in your choices and resolve!

Here is ours- “Our homeschool strives to focus on Jesus at the center of all things and academics as a way to learn more about Him and the world He created. Education is viewed as a way of preparing our children for fulfilling His purposes for them in the world and one more way to build family bonds and good character. We believe in learning through good books and great experiences and that the proof of having learned something well is in the ability to teach it to someone else. We seek to immerse ourselves in the topics we are investigating and create a love of learning in our children.”

Do you have a mission statement? What does it include? #homeschool #homeschooling #missionstatement #definepurpose #knowyourchoices

Well, there she is so far!  I make no promises of perfection from here on out, but I do hope to continue to bare my heart a bit and even inspire for the rest of the month.  Won’t you join me?

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