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Aug 3 2012

The First Week of Emmerson

My Dear Little Emme,

It is hard for me to put into words how in love with you I am! The fact that you have been here for a week and I have already had seven days to hold you, snuggle you and adore you, amazes and overwhelms me! You were born last Friday morning, July 27, 2012 at 8:00 am (the story of which is forth coming, for all those curious how the actual birth went down!)- a spectacular time to be born (even if it was 9 days “late”)!

As newborns tend to do, you have spent the majority of your first week sleeping. Your awake times usually consist of a few newborn waking noises (those squeaks and squeaks that so quickly disappear), followed by some alert and awake time. You give us the cutest little expressions during these times, such as these you exchanged with your big brothers-

You then follow up that alert time with a quick diaper change, which you hate! And you aren't afraid to let us know that! I calm you quickly after you are changed, and then within five minutes you usually fill your drawers again. As with any princess, you like a fresh diaper to poo in! So I change you again, and you scream some more but then you also start to suck on your tightly clenched fists and I know you are hungry.

You nurse so much like your oldest brother- you soak in and enjoy every minute. You like to nurse from both sides with a little burp break in the middle and you prefer to hang out nibbling for as long as your little heart desires (as apposed to Juju who got in and out and on with life when it was time to feed!). Other than having my anatomy get used to nursing again (aka- getting past the point where it feels as though someone has put my nipple in a vise grip and drug it across the room), I deeply enjoy your feedings. You often look up at me with bright wide eyes and I just get to adore you. I love taking in every last speck of you and learning all your pretty little nuances. Your long eyelashes…

And dainty fingers…

Your impossibly small toes…

Your perfect little lips and nose…

Your itty-bitty ears…


I love them all and I would stare at them all day long!

So far, you sleep 3-4 hours at night and generally fall back asleep when I nurse you after changing your fluffy buns, which is very nice! At most you have been up for about an hour and half in the middle of the night, but it is generally much less- thank you! We'll see if it lasts! So far, I haven't minded your late night wakings though- we just get to snuggle and stare into each other's eyes! It's sweet!

Despite our best efforts, we had a fairly busy week, but first we had a lovely weekend that was mostly just you and me. Your brothers stayed with Grammy and Pappy and Daddy had to work a lot of the weekend. Nana and Grandma did come help and hang out with us though too, which was nice. Sunday Nana was with us most of the day and it gave me a glimpse of many fun times that the three of us will have together!

Sunday evening your crazy brothers returned, very excited to finally get to spend some time with you! They lost their minds a little bit when they got to see you again! Nana finally told me to just take the picture because they were such crazy monkeys! They crack me up and I'm sure will be the source of much laughter for you as you grow in the coming months!

Monday was totally hectic as some misunderstandings caused us to miss your first doctor appointment. Luckily they squeezed us in later that afternoon and Daddy was able to go with us while Auntie Jenn watched your brothers. Dr. Bennett assured us that he thinks you're pretty perfect, which was terrific news after your diagnosis of Single Umbilical Artery during your pregnancy. To our great relief it doesn't seem to have had any other affects on you or your development. Praise Jesus! You have also been doing such a good job of nursing that you were only an ounce under your birth weight (which was 8 lbs even- just like mama) just 3 days after birth! Nice job girly!

Tuesday we were able to relax and enjoy some time just the four of us- you, me and your brothers. I even managed to get you and Juju down for a nap at the same time so I could get some rest too while Roman watched movies on the iPad! It was blissful! Two whole hours!

Wednesday we went and met your other cousins on Daddy's side along with Grammy and Pappy so that we could get some photos done before Natanya goes home to California. You screamed the whole car ride and most of the photo session! It was exhausting for both of us and we both crashed out pretty early that night! Just a lot going on!

The boys went to the cabin with Grammy, Pappy and the cousins that night so we had Thursday to ourselves again. We did a lot of resting and had a visit from Dana, our midwife. It was a nice day to kick back and try to recover! Although you did have a couple more fussy spells you were also awake more. I am finding ways to help soothe you and you definitely enjoy being wrapped in your special swaddling blankets, bouncing and being patted on the back. You seem to appreciate a healthy dose of mama belting show tunes too! (I love a new audience!)

And that brings us to today- your one week birthday! I can't believe you are already a full week old! I know that all too soon you will be talking to me and running around and I am just so savoring every little newborn minute I have with you! All your preciously small clothes and diapers and sounds- I don't want to squander away a single moment. I am smitten with you, my dear!

All my love and devotion,



2 thoughts on “The First Week of Emmerson

  1. Julieanne Miller

    Congratulations to your whole family for such a sweet, precious baby girl! I was a bit confused at first, because the title said “Emmerson”, and I was thinking you had another boy. Then, I saw, “My Dear Little Emme”, and I thought, “Hmm…I wonder if it might be a girl?” Then, I saw your photos with all the PINK and read your commentary and realized that you had a girl. I know you will enjoy her a lot! Congrats!


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