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Aug 24 2012

The Fourth Week of Emmerson


Hello Baby Girl!

My oh my, this week was definitely your peak of fussiness! There were many days that you were nearly impossible to console! It seemed to us that you were possibly suffering from reflux because you would be calm and then sort of burp/spit up a little bit while drawing up your knees and then begin to cry horribly! Past a certain point you would just keep crying with no break, clearly in pain. 🙁



So, I finally decided to go ahead and do some pretty severe food restrictions from my diet to see if anything would make a difference for you. I cut out corn, wheat, milk, chocolate and coffee (even though I only drink decaf) and tried to be very conscious of not eating anything that could produce gas or that was too acidic. Anyone who knows me is thinking, “Holy cow! That's pretty much her whole diet!” And indeed it was! I really had to focus on beefing up my fat intake with avocados and coconut milk because I was having a pretty hard time coming up with meals, especially since we are currently waiting on a check (oh the life of a construction family!). However, the sacrifice was worth it because we saw an almost immediate drastic difference in you! While you would still have your bouts of crying they were more from being tired, not from bein gin pain. Hallelujah! Since then I have gradually worked most of these foods back into my diet but in very small amounts, other than the wheat and corn which we have ruled out.



Now that you are happier you are also using the binky a lot less. While it still comes into play occasionally, you are just so much more content that you often times don't need it. It comforts mama just a little that you aren't completely reliant on it and can be soothed in other ways as well!


In spite of your fussiness, however, we had a pretty eventful week! We started off your fourth week at your cousin Jackson's 11th birthday party! Your brothers enjoyed the pool while you got loves from the family!


With Grandma


Nana and Papa


The next night your big bros went over to Grammy and Pappy's for the night so daddy and I decided to go out for a date and use a gift card we had received to a local high-end restaurant. It was so fun to get you and I all dazzled up- the first time for us and mommy and daughter! You were a pretty good girl thru almost all of dinner, staying awake most of the time. At the very end I did have to take you outside and bounce you in the sling for a bit while daddy paid, but it was such an nice evening that I didn't mind. After dinner we went for a walk in our city's downtown park that goes along the river. It was just such a nice evening and daddy and I enjoyed spending time with each other and you!



You also had your very first “play date” this week with your sweet little friend Eliza who is just 3 weeks older than you! Her mama and I enjoyed taking pictures, comparing stories of how you little ladies are growing and changing, and even swapping babies for a bit so we could both hold each other's new additions! Your brothers also enjoyed having Eliza's older brother and sister over! It was such a lovely afternoon- one we must repeat again very soon!


Eliza and you!

Eliza's lovely mama, Miss Andi Mae


I just adore you, sweet girl. Even through the fussiness I can't help but love cuddling you, singing to you and kissing you! Looking into your eyes and having you stare back with your little wonder-filled expression sends me to the moon! Nana recently saw a picture of me looking at you and made the comment, “I think you're in love!” I have to wholeheartedly agree!



Kisses lovey girl!



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