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Jan 24 2012

The Necessary Take Down

Tying to sell your house involves certain things. Such as putting copious amounts of your possessions into storage. Simplifying. Doing without some of the things you are used to having available (like my grain mill and beloved BOSCH mixer- sniff sniff). Even having to take down certain, very specific decor items. Like this one-

Now, to the untrained eye I can understand how this statement, when placed above a bed, could seem a little… odd. In answer to any lingering questions floating in the back of your mind- no, we are not swingers nor do we have the occasional threesome. However, from the (nearly) last six years that this has been part of our lifestyle I am fully aware that what I am about to tell you could evoke nearly as much shock and awe.

We are co-sleepers.

We believe in the family bed.

We believe in its safety and promotion of healthy, well-breastfed, and well-adjusted children.

When I first got pregnant with Rhythm I never imagined those words would come out of my mouth, much in the same way I never would have considered a home birth, or becoming a doula, or cloth diapering, or ridding my house of conventional cleaners. But in those early weeks of his raging colic and sleepless nights a wonderful lactation consultant came by my side and told me to take my baby to bed. She directed me to the works of Dr. James McKenna and Dr. Sears. She pointed out how new the whole idea of solitary sleep was for babies. How most of the world still sleeps with their infants out of necessity and protection and has been doing it since the dawn of time. She told me of how a baby’s heartrate and breathing pattern along with the stirring and cycles of sleep actually regulate to the mothers, essentially teaching it how to sleep. And the kicker? I wouldn’t have to get out of bed to breastfeed! In fact, I would be so in tune with my baby that I would probably hardly even wake up to accomplish the task. Sold!

The Carpenter and I discussed it. We took Rhythm to bed with us and never looked back. It wasn’t all rainbows and kittens, but it was sleep, and it worked, and we became accustomed to it. We taught our son to be a snuggler- so much so that, when the time came, The Carpenter almost didn’t want him to go to his own bed! We loved those precious nights, all wrapped up together as a family.

When Lion Cub came along we didn’t even think twice. Co-sleeping was our shtick. From day one he slept at my side. Lion Cub, though, is a different kid. It has been a rougher road. He is more stubborn. He was harder to night wean than Rhythm and just a different kind of sleeper. There have been many times that The Carpenter and I have wondered if we could have done things a little differently, more suited to him. Possibly used a co-sleeping bassinet some, or something like that. I don’t really know- we never tried.

What I will say that he is a more of a brute and I think would have been less inclined to be a cuddler had he not spent so much time so close to us, which I will never regret. As The Carpenter puts it, Rhythm melts into you when he gives you a hug- Lion Cub bear hugs you until he nearly pops your head off! No less love, they just express it so differently. I’m glad he has had many lessons in cuddling.

I don’t know how we will work out the sleep arrangements with this next babe. I have trouble imagining that it won’t involve bed-sharing in some capacity. I think this time we have our eyes a little bit more open to fitting not only our lifestyle into the plan but the child’s personality as well. We will probably break out the co-sleeper for at least the first part of the night… I just don’t know. I’m praying and asking for direction and I think both The Carpenter and I are both more willing to weigh our options (within our belief system) this time around.

But back to that vinyl that graced the wall above our headboard for the last few years. The one that shows up in our very first picture as a family of four as we all hunkered down in our bed just after Lion Cub was born. It had to come down. While certain decor pieces won’t really matter in terms of people being able to see their own belongings in the space, we knew that one would probably leave an indelible impression and distract from what we want them to actually be considering as they wander our halls.

Although, I must admit, there are those moments when I want place a big sign in the middle of our bedroom floor where the birth tub was set up that reads, “Our Second Son Was Born Right Where You Are Standing!” But ya know, then I’d also have to install hidden video cameras so that I could have the full satisfaction of the shocking moment… and well, that just gets complicated! 😉

So, down came our custom-made vinyl, leaving behind a very naked wall. Hopefully, it will all be worth it in the next couple of months!

‘Cause baby, if this house doesn’t sell, The Carpenter owes me a new one!

3 thoughts on “The Necessary Take Down

  1. Heather ;) :) :)

    I hope your house sells. When I read the sign above your bed (in the first photo), it made me think that there’s always room for one more person at the house. One more kid, one more mouth to feed…whatever…It was more of a hospitality thought I had in mind. So keep us updated on how the house sells!!! Love and hugs from the ocean shores of California, Heather 🙂


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