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Mar 28 2011

The night owl’s song

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Hoo Hoo


Hoo Hoo

Do you hear it? It’s the song of the night owl. It’s my song- the one I sing nightly as I lay, nestled under covers, eyes wide, too aware of the night to possibly drift off to neverland. It’s the song I’ve sung for as long as I can remember and before then (sorry mom!)-

Can’t fall asleep, I might miss something!

Can’t fall asleep- things are just now getting good!

Can’t fall asleep, my mind’s alive and racing!

Can’t fall asleep, my brain is full and in the mood!

In the mood to create. Moonlit hours are my most creative and vibrant. In the quiet, the hum of appliances and, more often than not, the succinct tap, tap tap of the keyboard keys, my brain fires out my best ideas- the ones I can’t let wait for morning or they may be lost entirely.

But all this does not bode well for me as a mother. These are the most important days to rise early- greet the dawn before little feet pad up my stairs. These days are the most in need of prayer and bathing in the Word. These days are the most demanding I have experienced and require both spiritual and physical preparation if things and people (namely me) are not to fall apart at the seams before that beguiling moon rises and winks at me again.

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And so my dear moon,

We must part ways.

It’s not you- it’s me.

I sincerely hope that someday, many years from now when I am far more weathered by age but you are much the same, I will keep company with you again. I will linger under your glow and be inspired by your beauty with no care of the morning to come.

But for now, I must learn to love the dawn. To welcome the sweet trill of birds and join their song at daybreak. I must let the waiting Word pull me from my slumber and shape the course of my hours. If not, then what’s it all for?

Until then, I will fondly think of you as my someday moon…

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