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Dec 15 2013

The Promise Box & The Memory Jar- Combined Review

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I never thought I would really be one to enjoy Amish fiction- let's just get that right out there. Although interesting, Amish culture just isnt something I have ever invested any time or wondering into knowing more about. However, I love Tricia Goyer. I have loved eveything of hers that I have read. I find her work to be incredibly well researched and historically and culturally accurate. I love that her words are spun in such a way that you don't read them and think, “How did this person get a book contract? Seriously- I could do this just as well!” (even if I secretly do hope that I will write in such a way someday). She writes eloquently and I appreciate it.

So, when given the opportunity to review the first two books of her newest series, Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors, I accepted, despite my hesitency over the Amish premise. Oh my, I am so glad I did! The Memory Jar, the first book in the series, was both touching and revealing of how the heart can heal after a heartbreaking loss. You know, obviously, that the male and female leads are somehow going to end up together, the series is called Seven Brides for Seven Bachelors, after all, but the not knowing how it would happen kept me intrigued all the way through. Tricia held my interest from the Prologue on and slipped in some very unexpected twists that fleshed the story out nicely. The characters feel very real- none of them are perfect. And throughout you will feel the distinct pangs of cupcake-hunger from all the talk of the Amish bakery- and I don't even like cupcakes!

The Promise Boxwas equally as lovely but decidedly different. Despite also dealing with loss and tragedy, the book had a very different feel than the first in the series. I love how versatile Tricia proves herself to be, even when dealing with the same sort of subject matter. What I especially loved about this book was how Lydia, the protagonist, returns to her roots and takes up her old Amish ways but finally owns them as her own and not her parents'. Her revolations and simple living are strangely parallel to my own life at this point- living in the country and truly defining what we desire for our family to look like.

The series as a whole is just lovely so far! Jesus is so beautifully woven through these stories- true belief and living for Him, rather than just stirctly living by a religious code. I never thgouht that the faith of what appears to be a very legalistic people could be refreshing and so heartfelt. I love when a book challenges me to go deeper with my faith and drwas me into communion with my Lord, and both of these books do exactly that. I recommend them both wholeheartedly and truly look forward to reading the rest of the series!

I was given a free review copy of each book for honest review as a part of Tricia Goyer's Fiction Launch Team. All opinions are original and my own.


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