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Mar 13 2011

The Research Years Letters- what they’re all about…

In the fall of 2009 I had an idea to begin writing letters to my kids for them to read in the future.  Letters from, what I have long called the research years– ya know, those years when you are trying to figure out how to be a good parent, wife, homekeeper and everything in between, as you go.  I wanted to write to them now so when they are older they can remember what I was really like, how clean (or unclean) the house really was, and just so I could convey to them all the things I found so important along the way but knew I would forget by the time they were grown.  I wanted them to hear from me on a relatable level- things written to them when I was their age, or closer to it anyway.  A sort of living legacy, but one they could have long before I am gone (hopefully!).

How could I not write for those faces?!

Then I started to realize that I didn’t just want to write to my own children, but their future spouses as well!  How wonderful would it be to be able to hand my future daughter-in-laws a hard bound book on their wedding days, with all my little confessions and the realities of my life as a young mom and wife.  What a wonderful thing for them to have!  A play-by-play of my life now.  Physical evidence that my sons’ lives growing up were probably not as idylic as they remember and hard-hitting truth about how I dealt with the trials and joys of our lives. I can think of no better way to show them I love them- even now.

So that is what these letters were born from.  I had tried to devote their whole own, special little blog to them, but it got horribly neglected in the business of life.  So, my plan now is to make these letters a very large part of this blog.  Much of what I write will be written through the lens of writing to them.  I hope you enjoy this candid look into what I have to say to my children in the future, and those whom they marry!

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2 thoughts on “The Research Years Letters- what they’re all about…

  1. Victoria

    What a great idea! I’m sure your boys will have a lot of fun reading these letters when they are older, and I know your daughters-in-law will appreicate them very much also. My MIL wrote me a letter and gave it to me right before her son and I were married. It is a treasured keepsake.

    1. boldturquoise Post author

      Thank you Victoria! It is an idea I have had in my head since my first son was a baby but have just never put feet to it in the way that I wanted to- until now! Thanks for reading!


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