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Aug 10 2012

The Second Week of Emmerson

Well, my dear, you are coming into your own and defining your own particular brand of fussiness, unique from both your brothers. It seems that you have all had your own fussy quirks and I think yours is a mix of a high suck-need, boredom and possible tummy upsets. :-( You still mostly sleep (as will be evidenced in the following pictures) but when you are awake we typically get a few relatively happy minutes followed by lots of crying… which equals lots of bouncing, swaying, shushing and singing on my part (and daddy's when he isn't busy- oh how he loves to hold you!)!

As we began to realize that much of the time you just want to suck on something but don't want the milk, I tried to encourage you to get your thumb in your mouth. We had a little success one evening, as long as I helped you keep your hand to your lips, but in general the effort it was taking to pry your thumb out of your clenched fist and fit it into your mouth just made you more mad! So, I did what I never thought I would do- I sent your father to the store for a pacifier. I'm not a fan of the things, never have been (well unless you count when I was a baby! 😉 but I just had to come to terms with needing to care for our entire household, which meant I needed to help you calm yourself at greater costs than I took with your brothers. I consider it your homeschool supply for the year ;-), because the truth of the matter is that it will help us all function more calmly!

So, I'm coming to terms with it and you are slowly getting used to it, although you are particular about when you want it and when you don't, which is fine with me! It's nice that sometimes you just want to snuggle and be held in order to calm down instead of needing that little gadget. And of course, you are also a big lover of your swaddling blankets, which help calm you enormously by effectively turning you into a little peanut!

Last weekend daddy had to head back out of town for work, which was very disappointing, but to help us out Nana and Papa actually both came over and spent both Friday and Saturday nights with us! We also went into their house on Saturday so we could rest and they could take your brothers to go do some fun summer activities. We spent our evenings watching the Olympics and it was very sweet to watch them both savoring time with you!

We were also able to get your newborn photos taken by some very generous friends- Britni and Abe of Wood Photography. You were just 11 days old for the pictures and stayed awake for the whole shoot! You had some fussy moments, but on the whole you were good and they were able to get some absolutely beautiful images!

You still hate your baths but don't mind if I just wash your hair in the sink. You are turning into a “lazy” nurser, as I call you, because you refuse to suck but rather just play with my nipple until the milk lets down- it's like you don't want to do the work of sucking until the milk is really flowing steady! You cute little stinker! Nights have been too excruciating, so that's happy, and over all you just love being held! Oh, and we found your swing in the barn which, miraculously, didn't get eaten by mice. On the downside, you aren't a fan of it- at least not yet.

You had some more sweet moments with your brothers this past week- they still adore you! As we're are just starting to transition to more of a normal life we began to be downstairs a little bit more this week instead of just up in our room and the boys really enjoyed having us down there! You just slept in your Nap Nanny while we played Candy Land and had ice cream parties! They were sweet times! Your oldest brother was especially helpful in fetching things and getting breakfast while daddy was away! (Thank you Roman!)

I just love watching you, admiring all the little faces you make when you sleep. I adore dressing you in all your girly little outfits and am hoping we will have the chance to have you wear all your newborn clothes before you outgrow them! It still thrills me that I have a daughter and I so look forward to the future- for all the moments we'll share and the things I'll get to teach you! You are a blessing and answer to many prayers my sweet girl and I cherish you deeply!

Love always and forever-





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