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Mar 17 2011

There ain’t room enough in this kitchen for the both of us

Yup- that’s what I told The Carpenter when he attempted to enter my domain during prime cooking time today. And I meant it literally- there really isn’t room. My kitchen is comparable to the size of a postage stamp.

Well, an express mail postage stamp, but a postage stamp none the less.

And for this particular meal it was extra important that I took advantage of every possible inch because, you see, I was trying another one of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes. One that would make The Carpenter feel the need to dust off his cowboy boots and reminisce about his childhood in a microscopic ranch town in the northern part of our state. I was making Chicken Fried Steak- you can’t get more country than that.

I’m pretty sure The Carpenter will now love me forever, if I wasn’t sure before.

So, why the need for so much room? Well that darn Pioneer Woman said (here we go again) I had to make an assembly line- four plates side-by-side, to properly dredge them there steaks (I don’t know what it is about chicken fried steak that gets a person to talkin’ like a red neck but I jist can’t help myself!). There is no fitting four of anything side-by-side in my kitchen. I mean look at this counter!

I suppose counter space just wasn’t something Ree even considered when writing her book (I like to pretend we’re on a first name basis). I mean, she hosted an entire Thanksgiving Dinner Throw Down with Bobby Flay in her ranch’s lodge kitchen- lack of space isn’t exactly on her radar.

Oh, I dream of the day.

But for now- I have to make do. So, I opted for smaller dishes for my dredging and moved on, resisting all urges to be bitter and envious.

Next came dealing with the actual meat. I bought cube steaks, which is what was called for, but had never worked with them before. The Carpenter said I should probably go ahead and tenderize them some more, just to make sure. In fact, he insisted so much that he bought me a meat mallet.

I don’t know why, but I dreaded this task. I kept thinking it would be a ton of work to get any real results to speak of and it just made me tired to think about.

Until I got that mallet in my hands!

Oh my- have you ever tenderized meat with a real meat mallet? If you haven’t- then go, now!

Just stop reading, go find some meat and a real mallet and start beating!

You will love me forever too after you get done!

I don’t know that I will ever cook a piece of meat again without tenderizing it! As I was beating away I actually began to wish that I had just bought round steaks so I could have really gone to town. If I just did that everyday my stress levels would be extremely reduced!

In fact, think I’ll go beat some meat right now.

Anyhow, I might have gotten a little carried away. One of the steaks completely fell apart. Oops. Still tasted good though. And oh buddy, was that baby tender!

Somebody else wanted to get in on the mallet action too!

And so, in conclusion- I stick my tongue out at you Ree Drummond and your darned huge kitchen, but thank you for yet another wonderful meal!

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