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Sep 6 2013

TWR 360- Christian Radio Beta Site

This is a compensated post but hosts my genuine opinion. My full disclosure policy can be found here.

I have recently discovered the new site TWR 360 for Christian radio programming, but before I tell you why I like it, let me tell you why I needed it!

Do you ever get to that point in your day when you really just want to talk to another adult? For me that time comes almost daily at exactly 4:00! I all of the sudden NEED to hear the voice of someone over the age of 7 or I will positively go insane! I love my kids but sometimes my brain needs to be fed with talk that doesn't involve Legos… or boxing robots… or iron man!

However, this is also the point in my day when I am generally trying to make dinner and it can be difficult to juggle the phone and chop vegetables! I could play music but it just doesn't suffice for that core need of intelligent communication! Seriously folks, mama needs big-girl talk!

TWR 360

So, as of late I have been turning to podcasts and radio programs to fill the void! Everyday I just pop on something interesting as I start my dinner prep and it takes the edge off that need for adult conversation. This is what has made TWR 360 my favorite new tool for helping me make it thorough the witching hour. It's an awesome new site that is actually still in Beta (to be fully released in January) and has all of TWR's radio programming essentially at your fingertips. They have some truly wonderful programs and speakers that you can listen to whenever you want- Family Life Today and David Platt have been some of my favorites.

David Platt in TWR 360

They even have new apps for apple and android products so you can truly listen on the go. I live such an app-driven life that this aspect of their programming was especially key for me! I just plop my iPhone on the doc and I can listen away. Their app is really nicely designed and I like the that you can find programming based on the ministry that produces it, the topic you are interested in, general search or even what section of scripture is mentioned in the program (very cool!).

What kinds of things do you utilize in your day to avoid mommy-brain and feel like a grown up?

(I received compensation for sharing about TWR 360, but all opinions expressed are my own.)


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