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Dec 13 2013

Unglued- a review of an essential book for life in the real world

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First of all I want to just say that even if you don't like to read book reviews- READ THIS ONE!

Ahem- I digress.

I had heard about Unglued: Making Wise Choices in the Midst of Raw Emotions by Lysa Terkeurst about a year ago. While it sounded interesting, I wasn't particularly drawn to it at the time as I wasn't feeling especially… unglued.

Well, times changed and this last fall I knew I needed to get my hands on this book! Unglued had suddenly become the perfect descriptive of what I was feeling… an almost permanent state of being. I felt… under attack. Mothering, marriage, ministry- they all left me worn thin and stripped down. I needed help!

She should have wings

Lysa Terkeurst swept into my life at just the right time with whit and practical tools to help battle my ungluedness (pretty sure that's a word now… well, it should be anyway!). I love tools, don't you? I like when someone gives me real, applicable, personal steps that can be taken in my life to make a heart change, and they are even better when they're based on and laced with scripture.

Lysa walks you step by step from identifying how you react to certain triggers in your life, to preparing beforehand for how to deal with I them, to grappling with them in the moment. All the while she is incredibly real with her own struggles- she feels like a real wife and mom speaking through her own real life instead of someone spouting platitudes.

And she is funny!

Really funny.

Humor, truth, honesty and Biblical tools- you just can't go wrong!

It should be called- How to Deal with Everyone in Your Life

Unglued- the book that everyone needs to read!

I found Unglued to be applicable to almost every relationship in my life. Husband, kids, friends, family, fellow workers in ministry, the random grumpy postal worker- every interaction is covered. It could be made into a Communication 101 course for all of humanity!


This book is just dripping with applicableness (another awesome new word!) and in my life, where time is short and valuable and I am rarely alone (in other words- I am constantly communicating with at least someone, even if they are short and not entirely capable of verbalizing much)- I need that. I need someone to just say, “When you feel this emotion coming on, handle it like this…” I can translate that to-

Me feel grumpy!

Me go pray and talk to you later!

(Bangs chest like cave woman!)

Yup, that's about all I can wrap my brain around at this point. So, it was helpful to have this book be so straightforward and engaging.

If you haven't been, you will be!

Unglued post it notes

Let's face it, if you haven't been unglued at some point… you will be! Let's not kid ourselves- the whole reason we need a Savior is because we're flawed. So, whether you think you need this book or not- get it! Let your copy become as dog-eared, underlined and note-filled as mine! Scribble reminders from it on post-it notes and stick them all over your house. Read it with friends and text quotes to your husband. Let it drive you into the Word and be the catalyst for dealing with life and pretty much everyone you encounter in more Godly ways.

You'll still stick your foot in your mouth from time to time, but if you take Unglued to heart this book can help reshape the way you communicate. This book deserves a place on every woman's bedside table! Don't walk- RUN to get your copy!

This book was provided to me as for honest review from the BookSneeze program. All opinions are fo' real!


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