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Oct 13 2011

We fell in love today…

…with this house and property! Utterly, head over heals, flat on our faces, in love.

It’s an 1895 farm house, full of character and potential and lots to be worked on- perfect for a little lady such as myself who is married to a master craftsman! It’s everything we have been looking for, for the right price, for almost 4 years. To the average eye it would likely seem like a lot of work to bring up to date and deal with a few random weird things (such as a laundry room that is connected to the house but you have to walk outside to get to), but for us it screams “Perfect” because we can make it ours and we have the know-how to make it happen (or rather The Carpenter does)!

But until we get our tax returns back for this year (in February), and our house sold, there is just soooooo much working against us for acquiring this land. And it’s heartbreaking. Come March we will be smooth sailing, but right now, it’s sketchy at best.

It’s so hard to sit here, lost on Pinterest, day dreaming on my little Cottage board about the amazing things we could do to this place to make it our home, all the while knowing our hopes could be dashed at any moment if another buyer snaps this up from underneath our feet.

So what do I know? I know that we are still going to try. We are still talking with our broker and our agent and giving it our best shot. We are preparing our house to sell, hoping beyond hope, and most importantly… praying.

I also know that we have a BIG God. A God that can make anything happen. A God that has plans for us, good plans… but they just aren’t always my plans! And that can be hard to swallow.

So, my friends, I’m asking you to pray with me- that this house would, by miracle of all miracles, end up in our hands. And I am also asking you to pray for me (and The Carpenter)- that we would keep our hearts and hopes in check and have willing hearts to joyfully live in His will, no matter what the outcome.

Will you pray with me?

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3 thoughts on “We fell in love today…

  1. contentathome

    Gladly! 🙂
    From today’s Proverb… 14:1 Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.
    Just thought it was a fitting verse for your situation, as regardless of which house we live in we are all building or plucking down.
    Oh, and btw, I too would love that house : ).

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