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Sep 7 2016

What we do in our “Morning” Meetings


REAL meeting printable image

FI-NA-LLY!!  I have my “morning” meeting printable done and ready for you guys to download!  I say “morning” because the time this gathering happens is fairly relative in our house and can very well end up during lunch on many days.  In fact, we don’t even always do everything on the list, so please don’t-

A. Be impressed that we are accomplishing SO much EVERY. SINGLE. DAY!… along with all our other curriculum! Gasp! (Because we’re not!)

B. Find this list to be an oppressive task master that you must now live up to.  Just… no!

Take what you like from this list and ditch the rest!  AND, just because I am feeling generous, there are no hoops to jump through for this printable!  All you have to do is click right here or on the above image and it will magically download to your computer!  Viola!

(Honestly- it really isn’t hoop-worthy.  It’s basically just my notes and some links!  And yes, they are affiliate links, but hey, remember the lack of hoop-jumping!)

They are A5 size and if you print them double-sided then they should be able to be cut out and fit in any A5 size planner or mini 3-ring binder.  That’s it!  Let me know if you have any questions!

Oh, and if you are curious, I did a whole scope all about how I was planning our morning time for this year.  You can watch it here

Periscope Morning Meeting

Until next time, be all bold and graciousy and stuff!


4 thoughts on “What we do in our “Morning” Meetings

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      No, there isn’t any way to change this document, sorry! I do hope to be able to create those sorts of printables in the future but I am not able to at this time.

  1. Lynda

    Thank you for sharing! Do you have any favorites in the Anholt series? I’d love to start an artist study and these look like great ways to start (I am NOT an artsy person).

    1. MacKenzie Post author

      Ahhh!! I just saw your comment! So sorry for such a delay! We really love the DaVinci and Monet books in the Anholt series so far.


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