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Apr 6 2018

Announcing “What Ingrid & Fiona Like”- a brand new podcast!

Ingrid & Fiona

It’s true, I started another podcast! And the first episode released TODAY!

In this new show, called What Ingrid & Fiona Like, I’m Ingrid, my best friend Rebekah is Fiona, and we will talk about our favorite things in all sorts subjects. For instance, in April we’re talking about how this show even came to be, the foods we’re eating to survive the crazy diet we’ve been on, our most used apps, and our most beloved podcasts.
Why the new show? Obviously, since I’m a podcast creator, it probably won’t surprise you that I’m a big podcast listener as well. Through all my listening I’ve realized that some of my favorite shows are the “buddy shows”- ones between dear friends who just really get a kick out of each other! I love hearing them laugh and reveal their silly inside jokes and maybe say things that they would only say to each other. So What Ingrid and Fiona Like will bring that flavor to what CTL has to offer. And today’s CTL episode gives you a little snippet of the goods!
What Ingrid and Fiona Like will be an exclusive podcast for $5 and up subscribers to CTL’s Patreon community, which you can find at, because along with wanting to produce a show that had that “buddy show” vibe, I also wanted to bring something more to the Patreon Community, perhaps for those folks who aren’t interested in being involved in all the challenges that are offered in the $10 and $15 levels but would love to have just a little bit more of the CTL goodness every week.
Along with getting each Friday’s episode delivered straight to their inbox every week, Patrons will also have the chance to weigh in on what topics we chat about on the show and even write in questions for us to answer. It’s sure to be a hoot and I’m so excited to have our loyal Patrons along for the ride!
I’m so grateful for each and everyone of our Patreon Lovelies who have supported me and my family in the recent months and this is just a small way I can give you a little bit more as I sign of my appreciation for all you do. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and I hope you enjoy the show!
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