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Jul 15 2013

Wrap my heart in knots…



A few weeks ago when I talked about the theft, I mentioned that I had a way for some of you willing ladies to help me mend my heart a bit.  It may seem silly and little, but the loss of so much of the work that I had been doing on Emmerson’s baby blanket was truly heart wrenching to me.  It was the realization that drove me completely to tears, on my knees, in the middle of that blasted parking garage and will forever be seared into my brain.

I had taken a break on my crocheting for her for most of the last year because, well, I had her!  (I’m sure none of you have noticed the break in other things that has happened as well, heh heh! 🙂 )  A few weeks before the trip I resumed my work again and was making such awesome progress!  I took all my pink flowered granny squares with me- those finished and those not- so that I could try to get the brown backing done on the remainder of them while we were driving.  It turned out that I got hardly any work done at all because I was getting car sick, which of course made me all the more aggravated that I even brought the project in the first place!  Arg!

I digress.

So, basically, I still have all my orange flowered squares and three or four pink ones that were randomly stashed in my purse.  I need about 30 more pink squares to get this puppy on the road to being finished, and this where you come in.  My request is for a few ladies to step forward and be willing to crochet a couple of squares and then send them back to me.  I will send you out some measured lengths of yarn for however many squares you are willing to make and then you would send them back to me (which would be the only cost to you besides your time).  I would also request that you say a little prayer for Emmerson as you start your project and that you include a little note with your squares when you send them back, telling her who you are and why you decided to help.  That’s it- pretty simple.

I had always wanted this to be a project just from me, that Emmerson could look at and know I had poured hours upon hours of hard work into, praying for her all the while, because I love her so- a tangible gift of my love for her, if you will.  When faced with the realization of how far I had been set back, however, I realized that this blanket could be even more impactful to my daughter in a much bigger way.  How amazing would it be for Emmerson to know that when I was in such a low place a group of loving sisters in Christ surrounded me, placed value on what I found valuable and helped me restore what was lost. It speaks to community- women being there for each other through thick and thin.  It’s a testament to friendship and I believe it could be a very powerful symbol to her (and to me!) as she grows.

If you would like to partner with me in this way, I would be honored and moved.  If you are interested, please send me an email at boldturquoise at gmail dot com, and let me know how many squares you would like to complete and where you would like me to send your materials.  And please accept my sincerest thanks for your love and support!  I appreciate you all so much!

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3 thoughts on “Wrap my heart in knots…

  1. Lauren

    My friend, I love how you have reached out and drawn everyone in to this opportunity! If I could crochet I would do it in a heartbeat! But I think you will get an amazing response to this and know that we all love you! What a great story Emme and this blanket will get to tell!

    1. mackenzie Post author

      Thank you Ivory! It is just a crochet project, but I am thinking of starting a monthly knit night soon- you should come!


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