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Feb 24 2014

Zeezok Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum- Music, Lapbooking and Charlotte Mason all rolled into one!

I received this curriculum for free after expressing sincere interest in it. I was compensated for the time my family put into using the curriculum in our homeschool. I only express honest review on this blog, so you can be sure that the compensation in no way influenced what you will read below.

Lapbooking? Yes Mam.

Living Books? Even better.

Unit Study? Where do I sign up!?

These were the key features that initially intrigued me to further review Zeezok's new Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum. I just knew that all these aspects combined with a chronological approach and materials that are open and go would most definitely spell success in our homeschool and I have not been disappointed.

The Skinny on What Zeezok's Music Appreciation Curriculum Includes

Zeezok Publishing's Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum has a nice mix of Charlotte Mason, Lapbooking and Living Books

Before I give you a peek into how we used this curriculum and what we thought of it I want to give you a little rundown on what it is and what it includes. Book 1 in the Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum covers seven different composers- Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Paganini, and Schubert- and walks you through their lives from beginning to end. To do this they employ a very hands-on style with hints of Charlotte Mason as students read a living book about the composer, complete a lapbook and workbook pages and do activities such as making recipes and, of course, listening to music!

The program includes a Student Activity Book (which also acts as a teacher's guide), Lapbook CD, Music CDs and a living book about each composer. All of the images are of the highest quality and lapbooking components can be applied to a wide range of ages, whether you would like to have your children fill in their own information or use the information provided. The Student Activity Book is colorful and engaging, and the use of color-coding makes it very easy to navigate your way through and truly open and go (a life-saver to the homeschooling mom- thank you, Zeezok!).

Zeezok Publishing's Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum has a nice mix of Charlotte Mason, Lapbooking and Living Books

The scope and sequence of the program is impressive to say the least! Vocabulary, history, music styles, types of music, how music is created, even character qualities of the composers, family structure and reading comprehension- the list goes on and on and is outlined in detail over five pages in the beginning of the Student Activity Book. If you are looking for comprehensive, look no further!

Mozart and Music Appreciation in our Homeschool

As a part of a large team of reviewers I was positively delighted when I found out that our family had been assigned to study Mozart. You see my oldest son, Roman, has a bit of a connection with Mozart. Years ago I did a study of how Mozart's music influences the brain and in the past we have frequently turned to Mozart playing quietly in the background of our homeschool in order to help Roman concentrate. He even reached the point where he would request this classical composer if he was feeling a bit scattered.

Well, once we began to actually learn about this Wunderkind (Wonder Child, as we learned) and his amazing aptitude for music at such a young age, I do believe that Roman began to fancy himself as a little Mozart! As we would read the living book about Mozart's life Roman would exclaim, “Hey, I'm good at music too! Just like Mozart!”

Zeezok Publishing's Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum has a nice mix of Charlotte Mason, Lapbooking and Living Books

While Roman does have many natural abilities with music I don't know that I would be labeling him as Mozart quite yet, but hey, if identifying with who Mozart was as a child sparks an interest in my son to invest his energies into delving into a greater study of music appreciation, I'll be the first one to exclaim, “Why, yes! You are like Mozart!”

So step one was covered- they hooked my son in by using a good living book to help him make a personal connection with the composer. The next thing that made me fall in love with this curriculum really had nothing to do with music at all, but it got me all the same. Zeezok took the time to point out the amazing character qualities that Wolfgang and many of his family members exhibited. So now, not only did my son identify with Mozart but he looked up to him as a role model of good behavior and Godly character. At that point I didn't even care if he learned anything about music- he was already taking in invaluable lessons.

Zeezok Publishing's Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum has a nice mix of Charlotte Mason, Lapbooking and Living Books

But he did learn about music, along with all that other awesome stuff! Roman enjoys discussing things and it was a joy to be able to sit and listen to Mozart's great works as we tried our hand at new musical vocabulary, learned the “behind-the-scenes” information about his operas and considered the culture of the time. Since Roman is more a verbal than written kind of guy I loved that the Student Workbook could be adapted to allow us to just talk about what we were learning in a natural way, using it as a guide, and then be able to use the lapbook components to be sure Roman had a solid grasp on what we had discussed. Zeezok also did a very good job of tying these classical lessons into the musical experiences that we have today, which I think helped Roman bring the lesson even more full circle.

We now look forward to learning about the other composers in this program and listening to their music throughout our days. I especially enjoy these studies because much of the information is new to me as well, so it thrills me to not only be providing this education to my children at a very young age but to also be finally learning it for myself.

Use Zeezok's Curriculum in Your Homeschool

If you can't tell, this is a product that I definitely recommend. If it sounds like as much of a winner for your family as it did for mine, then you can use the coupon code ihomeschool to get 10% off until March 21st right on over at Zeezok's site.

And be sure to follow Zeezok on social media to keep up with the latest news on all of their great products! Zeezok is on Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and YouTube.

You can also enter to win a complete set of this curriculum by entering below in the Rafflecopter widget!

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2 thoughts on “Zeezok Elementary Music Appreciation Curriculum- Music, Lapbooking and Charlotte Mason all rolled into one!

  1. Heather

    It is fun to see some music appreciation options like this. Our kids studied Tchaikovsky this year along with the three plays (The Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty and Swan Lake) and it was a joy. Thank you for making me aware of this product!

  2. Jen

    I just wanted to thank you for posting this. I checked one of these out of our local library, Bach, and we started reading it today. We are really enjoying it. I also ordered the one on Mozart after seeing the this one. Since we don’t have the music cd’s, we just looked up the songs on Youtube and listen to them as we come across them in the book.
    I also wanted to let you know that the link at the top under Homeschool and then 2015/2016 Curriculum doesn’t work properly.


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